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It’s October, and before you know it, your weekends will involve lazy days by the pool. That means a swimming costume. That means it’s time to wax. So which type of waxing is best for you?

Bikini Wax


A standard bikini wax is a basic shaping of pubic hair into a neat upside-down triangle shape to the edge of the panty line.

Extended Bikini or G-string Wax


An G-string wax takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax leaving a more defined triangle with narrower edges.

Brazilian Wax


A Brazilian wax takes away all the hair off the bikini line leaving a small strip on the front. Hair is removed from the front all the way round to the bottom area.

Hollywood Wax


The Hollywood wax removes all hair from the front, round to the bottom – complete hair removal.

Here some of the most frequently asked questions relating to waxing answered.

Will it hurt?

It’s not exactly painless, but bear in mind we all handle pain differently. If you are new to waxing there may be an element of shock, but it gets easier with every treatment as the hair thins. After all, many women keep coming back.

How long will the procedure take?

From 20 minutes for a basic bikini wax to 50 minutes for a Hollywood wax

How long does it last?

Approximately 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost?

At our salon intimate waxing prices start at R110.00  for a bikini wax. Click here for our full price list.

Other things you need to know.

  • Every person’s skin reacts differently to waxing. You may end up with some irritation or redness as the skin can be distressed after the first couple of treatments, but apply products that help soothe the skin
  • The hair needs to have a certain length (5-10mm) to be waxed and for your first few sessions the longer the hair, the easier the wax.
  • You can shave in between waxing, but just remember that the hair regrowth needs to be a certain length before we can wax again.
  • And most important: it’ll make you feel Super Sexy 🙂

If you have any further questions about waxing please feel free to contact our therapist. To make an appointment, click here.

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