The Perm is Back! 6 Things you need to know.

The Perm is Back! 6 Things you need to know.

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The perm: the hairstyle trend that you had to have in the 80’s is making a come back!

BUT there is a difference…read on to find out how the perm has evolved into the latest hair trend.

The main difference between then and now in perming hair is; to get more volume and texture in the hair compared to the tight curls from the 80’s. A beachier wave look with softer curls seems to be the most popular option today. The modern perm can also vary the size and tightness of the curl giving you a more personalized hairstyle.

The name of the perm might have even changed on the service menu of some salons. Names like ‘the modern wave’ or ‘permanent textured curls’ are now used instead. The perming methods today also use gentler solutions to perm the hair, although to get the best and most healthy look, it is very important how you treat your hair before and after a perm. The modern perm also provides smoother waves with lots of volume instead of dry frizzy hair.

Here are a few basic tips if you’re thinking of getting your hair permed.

  1. Your hair should be in good condition. Treated, damaged and dry hair will be damaged more by perming your hair and should is not recommended. Wait for your hair to be in good condition before deciding to perm.
  2. Getting a perm for short or layered hair might come out not as you expected and should only be done for more appropriate lengths of hair.
  3. Applying any kind of chemical treatments before or after a perm is not recommended. For instance, colouring your hair just before perming can cause more damage and weaken your hair strands. Perming itself involves chemicals and heat that could damage hair and adding onto this could weaken your hair further.
  4. You must use a new product range and accessories:
  • You will have to get products that help you to keep your curl for longer, specific shampoos, conditioners and gels or hairsprays. Keeping your hair moisturised and conditioned is important to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Dry hair means frizzy curls.
  • When using a hair dryer, make sure you use a special attachment called a diffuser on a cool setting to keep those curls bouncy.
  • Instead of a brush you should use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to keep your curls in place.
  1. Getting a perm is a commitment, you have to look after your hair properly and it’s not something you can get rid of easily.
  2. Consult with your stylist if you are unsure about getting a perm. They will know the best option for your hair type and can give you professional advice to determine if a perm is for you. Make sure you choose a hairstylist that knows what they are doing when it comes to perming hair.


Here are some celebrities that have had a permed hairstyle and looked fabulous over the years.

Meg Ryan: Longer hair perm style

Charlize Theron: Loose Spiral perm for shorter hair


Kylie Minogue: wavy perm

Shakira: full small perms


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