Be On Trend: Matric Farewell Hairstyles 2017

Be On Trend: Matric Farewell Hairstyles 2017

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This year it does not matter if your hair is short or long, it’s all about the braids. Fish plaits and messy buns come together to create an elegant style that looks almost effortless. Bling and flowers completes the look – and don’t forget the hairspray and bobby pins, you’ll be needing loads of those!


Highlights add texture to the colour. The hair will be curled and then a french braid from the front going backwards and pinned completes the look.

Fake undercut. You can achieve this look by parting the hair and doing a tight plait in one section.

Pink pastel bob with curls and a French plait.


We love this side swept loose braid.

How gorgeous is this Halo Braided Upstyle? The braids soften the face while the messy, textured bun provides some volume. Ringlets frame the face.

Fish tail low bun upstyle with curls.

The polished pony is perfect for a sleek look.

If you have an idea for what you want for your matric farewell hairdo, but don’t have a hairdresser yet, please contact us, we’d love to help!


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