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Nail care 101: The Value of a Professional Manicure

Category : Beauty

Your hands and nails are exposed to a lot during the day, more so than many other parts of the body. This can create broken, damaged nails and torn cuticles. Caring for your hands and nails is part of a good daily habit that everybody should try and do.Having nice manicured nails is also a huge confidence booster.

Looking after your nails can also prevent things like dry skin and can help to prevent or reduce problems such as ingrown nails. 

Let’s have a look at the value and benefits of a professional manicure.

By doing your own nails when you have a problem, like an ingrown nail, may take longer to heal. Going to a professional might help prevent this issue in the first place and they can help to mend the problem sooner. They will know how to deal with fungal infections or other nail health issues.

Visiting a salon and letting somebody else do your nails is a relaxing experience for most people.

There are many treatments available in a salon that can help with stress and having a professional manicure can be one of them. The whole session is something you can do for yourself, an experience and a treat to enjoy.  While having your manicure, some people also enjoy a little chat with their therapist.

When I do my own nails, I don’t tend to scrub or massage my hands. A professional manicure can offer all this, scrub, massage, and moisturiser. Basically offering a wonderful pampering treatment. The manicure session is not only for luxury benefits, it also helps to improve your skin and nail health.

Salons also offer more of a variety when it comes to products you want to use and buy. You have an array of colours to choose from if you would like to paint your nails. They also offer quality hand products to take home with you. The nail technician can also provide helpful advice on which products to use and how to use it correctly.

The overall quality and result going for a professional manicure is far superior to doing it yourself at home. The quality is better and you feel more satisfied with what you see. The professional manicure also tends to last longer than a do it yourself job.

Nothing beats a professional manicure, and nothing beats the feeling of looking down at your hands and feeling like a million bucks!

Rock Paper Scissors not only offers basic manicures, we also do gel and acrylic nails.

Check out our full Beauty Menu Here.

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Haircare 101-Basics on having great hair

Category : Hair

Having a great hair day relies on you to do the right thing when it comes to a hair care routine. The routine should include everything from eating correctly to using the best products for your hair. There are many issues that people have from brittle and damaged hair to hair loss, so here are some ideas to help you have a great hair day.

How do you wash hair?

Wash, rinse, repeat is simple enough right? Well there are some tips that help to give you that extra edge. For instance, try to use your conditioner and apply only to the body and tips of the hair. The reason for this is, if you apply too much onto the scalp it can cause a build up and make your hair look oily. There also seems to be a new trend of using a conditioner before you shampoo. By washing your hair this way adds more volume to your hair. You will have to try this one for yourself to see if it works for you.

Using the right product for your hair

You might have damaged or dry hair and using the more expensive products is not necessarily the way to go. There are plenty of products out there that can help with your specific hair problem and if you’re not sure ask your hairdresser for advice before purchasing anything. I always like to buy the more natural or organic shampoos without sulfates or alcohol that tend to dry my hair out.

Some examples of the different conditioners you get for your hair:

  • Wash out- conditioner: This is the most common conditioner and there is a variety for the different hair types.
  • Leave in: These conditioners help to smooth and de-tangle and can also act as a styling product.
  • Hair masks: This conditioner is for deep conditioning and is helpful in cases of really dry and damaged hair.

Inside and not on top

Healthy hair comes from having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Eating correctly and supplementing if you need to, could help keep your head of hair in tip top shape. The health of the hair follicle is what influences your hair growth and this is where you need a good diet and nutrients for strong and healthy hair.

Hot air for hair

Your hair can be exposed to a lot of heat from blow dryers to flat irons that could cause damage. Try to let your hair dry naturally every now and again to give your hair a break. Using heat protecting products can also help to minimize any damage to your hair.

Oils for your hair

Hair oils can help to smooth hair out, great in cases of frizzy hair. The oils can also help to improve hair growth and hair loss. OIls are very easy to use, apply oils to your hair and scalp and leave in for about 30 minutes, simply shampoo out as you would normally do. Again, this is something you need to try out yourself to see if it works for you. Oils are mostly recommended for damaged and very dry hair.

Hair mousse

Hair mousse can add a bit of volume and lift to your hair. Work the mousse through your hair after shampooing and towel drying your hair.  After applying the mousse blow dry your hair for a great look.

Regular trims for your hair

Cutting or getting regular trims doesn’t help with the actual growth of the hair, but you can reduce your split ends and improve the look and feel. This will also help decrease the amount of hair breakage and might even make your hair look sleeker and shinier.


Whatever hair type you are, following a few simple basic rules will help you to have beautiful, healthy and great hair.

Rock Paper Scissors is a unisex hair salon located in the Graanendal Shopping Center in Durbanville – phone 021 9794292 for an appointment.