What is a Brazilian Blowout?

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

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To understand what a Brazilian Blowout is, let’s have a look at the process involved. First of all your hair will be washed a number of times, so as to remove any other hair products. Then the stylist will work slowly on portions of your hair and will add the blowout formula. This formula is basically a liquid keratin, which actually bonds to your hair. This helps to protect and smooth the hair out. This technique was developed in Brazil, hence the name, and many of the products also contain ingredients that are indigenous to the area.


Let’s have a look at some questions you might have about Brazilian Blowouts.

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Who should consider getting a Brazilian Blowout?

Those people who struggle a lot with frizzy hair or those who have used other products on their hair and it is dry and course. Anybody who really wants to have that straight and sleek look to their hair. Just remember the treatment does not restore damaged hair, it only  helps to reduce frizz and make the hair look shiny and smoother. Those who have severely damaged hair should maybe re-thing getting a Brazilian Blowout as it still uses a lot of heat, which might not be good. So if you have normal to very thick healthy hair that is unmanageable, you are a perfect candidate for the treatment.

What are some benefits of a Brazilian Blowout?

  • Hair will be hydrated
  • Definitely less frizz
  • The process helps the hair manage heat styling more effectively
  • It will give you a sleek and shiny look, but will still retain its body
  • Your hair will be more manageable
  • To blow dry and style your hair, will take you half the time than usual.
  • You can wash your hair almost immediately, unlike some other Keratin treatments
  • The treatment also allows you to go swimming or have that hot yoga class on the same day.

Will it take out the natural curl of the hair?

The Brazilian Blowout will only help to make your hair appear naturally straight, but won’t take out all the body and bounce. If you have very curly hair the blowout should help to lessen any frizz and will actually help to enhance the natural curl of the hair. On the other hand if you have straight hair and your problem is with the frizz, then the blowout will take that away, leaving your hair frizz free with a healthy shine.


What about if I have coloured my hair or if I have Highlights?

Yes, you can still have a Brazilian Blowout. In fact the whole process will help to condition and protect  the hair. The treatment will take out the frizz and most probably enhance the colour.

How long will the treatment last?

First of all the treatment itself will take about an hour and a half to complete, even up to two hours if you have really long and thick hair. After this,the Brazilian Blowout can last up to 10 weeks maybe more, but only if you use the aftercare products provided and look after your hair.

Why you should consider a Brazilian Blowout first

Some of the treatments offered use some very harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde amongst others. Exposure to these chemicals can affect some people negatively. To keep your hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon can also be a bit of a mission. Costs involved can also be quite expensive as you have the initial treatment, products to use and follow up sessions.


When booking a treatment always enquire about the salon’s treatment process and the products they use. Look for hair salons that use products that are formaldehyde free, so it’s best to ask around and even get some quotes.

Costs of a Brazilian Blowout


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Costs of a Brazilian Blowout can vary from salon to salon, so do your homework and ask around to find the best place. The range of prices can be anything from R1500 to R2400 for a good quality Brazilian Blowout. Of course many salons also offer specials on the treatments, so keep an eye out at a salon near you.



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