Why vitamin C is important for your skin – And how to add it to your beauty regime

Why vitamin C is important for your skin – And how to add it to your beauty regime

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There are many things that are important for your body and your skin, but we are only going to look at one of them, Vitamin C. There are various ways you can add vitamin C to your daily routine, from taking a supplement to applying it directly to your skin. First, let’s have a look at the general benefits Vitamin C has for your body. This vitamin itself cannot actually be produced by the body and is known as an essential vitamin, which needs to be added to your diet.

Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Every day your body is under stress from free radicals, which can come being exposed to things like air pollution, eating fried foods, and smoke amongst other things. These free radicals can cause damage to other cells in your body. This is where Vitamin C steps up, it is an anti-oxidant, which interacts with the free radicals before they can do any damage.
  • There is some evidence that shows vitamin C aids in the reduction of high blood pressure.
  • May also help to reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Helps to improve immunity by improving the function of white blood cells

Many people rely on supplements to get there daily intake of vitamin C, but I think it is best to get your daily intake through the food that you eat. Here are a few foods that are high in vitamin C.

  • Oranges and Lemons
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya
  • Brussel Sprouts and broccoli
  • Kiwi’s
  • Kale
  • Sweet yellow peppers and tomatoes

So, we have looked at what vitamin c can do for your body, but what can it do for your skin? There are many products out there that offer vitamin c as a topical application in their creams and lotions.

Some of the major benefits and why vitamin c is important for your skin:

  • Again, because it is an anti-oxidant, it can help to prevent any damage done by the harmful UV rays of the sun. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use sun protection, always use products with daily SPF protection.
  • The vitamin can help to increase collagen, which in turn can help your skin look firmer and younger.
  • Another positive benefit is to help reduce wrinkles, which is why many of the anti-ageing products contain vitamin c.
  • It helps to even out your skin tone and fades dark spots
  • Since it helps to repair the damage done by overexposure, it may also have some benefits when applied to scar tissue.

Vitamin C, how can you add it to your beauty regime

This amazing vitamin can be found in a variety of creams as well as serums. A serum is thinner and contains a higher concentration of ingredients to penetrate deep into the different layers of the skin. Each of these products contains a variety of ingredients and when selecting one, it should be a product that is for your skin type. If you do have very sensitive skin, it is always recommended that you perform a patch test first with any new product, just to ensure you won’t have any unpleasant reactions.


There are many products out there, each claiming to be the best. Always check the labels and ingredients or ask advice from a trusted professional. When applying your products, you may want to apply them in the morning, so that it can help throughout the day, provide protection against the harsh environments you may come in contact with.

How to get the most out of your vitamin c products

  • It will take time to see results, so don’t be disheartened if nothing appears to be different overnight. Keep up your routine and you will see results in a few weeks up to a few months. Be patient.
  • Always follow the application instructions and use the product regularly as advised.
  • Be aware that if you use other products, for instance, products that contain retinol may interact with other ingredients. Speak to your skincare therapist for best results.
  • To ensure your product retains its high potency levels, always store correctly. A product that is not looked after, will lose it effective qualities much faster. The best way to store your products is in a cool, dry and dark space. You will be able to smell if your product has gone rancid, avoid further use. You will also know a good product, as it will come in a dark or brown bottle, it should never come in a see-through or clear packaging.
  • This is one of those times that making your own vitamin c product may not be a good idea. There are some finer points that need to be taken into consideration in order to produce an effective product.


Have a look at the correct order you should apply your products for your daily skincare routine.

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