Did You Know That Great Looking Hair Boosts Your Confidence?

Did You Know That Great Looking Hair Boosts Your Confidence?

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Do you feel better when you have a good hair day? You are not alone. According to a new survey from SexyHair.com, 77 percent of women don’t feel like themselves when they are having a bad hair day. Hair confidence is key to feeling good about yourself.

Based on how we feel about our hair, it seems that looks do indeed matter, whether for personal self-esteem reasons or societal standards. It impacts how we feel about ourselves, and how we are viewed in our personal and professional life.

Hair has always played an important role in life: all the way back with ancient royalty to colonial times with elaborate wigs to prove status, wisdom, and wealth.

More Stats

1 in 4 women say that making sure their hair looks good is their biggest concern when making a good impression.  42 percent of women say a sexy hair day is the one thing that would give them a confidence boost, more than just a sexy outfit, a fresh manicure and even new shoes.

When a woman feels good about herself, that confidence pours over into every part of their day.

The survey also revealed that women are most likely to experiment with their hair when they feel comfortable in their environments, and don’t try new looks when they know they are meeting someone for the first time. The internet has given us access to an endless stream of information, thus the ability to follow YouTube tutorial instructions to the “T”, which means now, more than ever before, we can try new styles like curling our hair with a straightener or braiding it.

Hair is also one of the top three features mentioned when describing another person aesthetically. It creates a first impression, similar to one’s smile, eyes, and skin.


If you are feeling bad about the current state of your locks, now is the time to be spruced up for the summer and feel good about yourself.

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