Best zero waste beauty swops you should be making to save the planet

Best zero waste beauty swops you should be making to save the planet

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The amount of plastic and other waste products that land up in our oceans and elsewhere, is staggering. You just have to think of one person drinking something from a plastic bottle, then throwing it away. Now, multiply that by millions, every day all over the world and you can easily imagine a mountain of plastic bottles, which goes where? It can take up to 450 years, even up to 1000 years for plastic to decompose.

“It’s only one straw said 8 billion people”

What we must take into consideration, is that we may be using products that are harmful to the environment in our beauty or daily hygiene routines. There are some companies out there that have taken the step to produce zero waste products, but they are in the minority. As individuals, we should make the decision, even if it’s a small one, to swap something in your life that could have a long term positive effect on the environment.

“Small changes add up to huge results”

Why not have a look at some of the best zero waste beauty swops you should be making to save the planet:


How many toothbrushes have you gone through in your lifetime? Did you consider what happens to it when you throw it away? Your old toothbrush can be used for cleaning other things, so I suppose it’s not single-use plastic. But eventually, you are going to have to throw it away or have boxes full of toothbrushes stored in the garage.

The alternative is to think about using a naturally made toothbrush. The most common one on the market today is the bamboo brush. The brush is really affordable and naturally decomposes if you decide to throw it away.

Then you get dental floss, the container is plastic and the floss is usually made of some type of synthetic compound. There is an alternative, eco-friendly dental floss, which is made from natural silk and in most cases are sold in biodegradable or at least recyclable packaging.


This is definitely a single-use plastic, you use the earbud and then throw it away. Most earbuds are made of cotton on the ends, but the body is made of plastic. This is a really simple, easy and affordable swop you can make. You can easily buy some biodegradable buds from your local pharmacy.

Reusable face wipes

The original face wipes are made of synthetic fibres and are therefore not really great for the environment. Recently there have been some biodegradable face wipes or cleansers coming onto the market.

There are also products available that you can re-use, these include:

Face Wash

There are plenty of natural and environmentally friendly face wash products on the market. You just have to be aware of what you are buying. Recently, there has been a huge problem caused by products containing microbeads. The beads are used in a variety of products as an exfoliant, but they are made of plastic.

This plastic, once it enters into the environment, it is impossible to get rid of it. The beads especially cause damage to marine life. The only way to help the situation is to stop using products that contain these beads. There are plenty of natural exfoliants you could use.


Not only does deodorant come in non-recyclable containers, but a lot of the products may also be harmful to your health. Many deodorants contain harsh chemicals, Aluminium and other substances that cause allergic reactions. There are natural deodorants available that come in recyclable or reusable containers.


Again, most shampoos come in plastic containers. Some of these are recyclable, so always check the product before buying. Just like the deodorants, many shampoos also have harmful ingredients, so going more natural is the better choice. Shampoo bars are also becoming more popular, they are natural and safe for the environment. The packaging of the bars is also usually biodegradable.

Feminine Hygiene

This is a difficult one, as the costs for these products can be high. Some people are also happy with what they are using and are not willing to change. But, if you are looking for an alternative, then the menstrual cup may be the perfect fit. You only have to buy one product and it lasts for a really long time.
Sanitary Pads do contain cotton, but also other synthetic fibres and even harmful chemicals. So, if you can use a more eco-friendly and body friendly product, it’s a win-win situation.


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