8 Ways to avoid Dry Hair

8 Ways to avoid Dry Hair

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Your hair needs constant attention in order to keep it healthy. In the summertime, you have to think about protecting your head and hair from the sun. Then there are things like pool chemicals. In the winter time, the main thing to look out for is that terrible frizz and, of course, dryness. So, let’s have a look at some ways to avoid dry hair during the coming winter months.

“I love what the rain has done to my hair – said no one Ever!”

Using hair oils

Argon oil is a popular product, which can help to soften and keep your hair and scalp moisturised. The oil can also help to enhance the shine of the hair, assist with hair growth and is particulalry helpful for frizzy or damaged hair. For dry hair, you can easily add a couple of drops to your conditioner. Combine together and apply to your hair, then leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes. Then rinse your hair. There are other oils you can use, depending on your hair type, ask your hairdresser for recommendations.

Hats and other headgear

Winter weather conditions can be harsh on your hair so in order to protect your hair, especially if you are going to be outside for long periods, is to cover your head. You can try a beanie or why not go for a stylish hat. Any hat lined with satin or silk will also aid in preventing frizzy hair.

Control that frizz

Many of us understand the struggle with frizz, especially in the moist winter months. This problem could also become worse by adding in woolly or synthetic hats. There are quite a few frizz control sprays out there for you to choose from. There are also a few hair frizz hacks you can try out. Another tip, you can try using silk or satin pillowcases, which helps to prevent static and frizz.

Regular Trims

In order to eliminate split and dry ends, having regular trims should do the trick. You can schedule your trim for every 3 to 4 months, this should keep your hair healthy and split-end free. If you are unsure, just ask your hairdresser, they should be able to tell you what would suit your hair type.

Washing hair too much?

Too much washing can dry your hair out, try to keep your washing down to three, even two times during a week. This also helps to minimize the time spent on your hair, using a blow dryer or other heat styling products. In winter you tend to sweat less, so washing your hair less shouldn’t be a major problem. The major benefit from this is so that your scalp can naturally produce oils, which can then coat and protect your hair.

Avoid too much hot water

Again, washing your hair too often and using hot water, can dry out your hair. Not only that but if you have dyed your hair, this will only make the colour fade faster. Try to use more lukewarm water and then a bit of cold water to finish off, helping to close the cuticles and pores of the hair and scalp.

Moisturize your hair

If you have really dry hair why not try a hydrating hair mask, which can be applied at least once every week. During winter your hair becomes dry, due to the fact that your natural oils are being stripped away. You tend to stay indoors a lot during the cold winter months, most houses and offices have heating inside and this is what can dry the air out, as well as your hair. The mask can help to restore these oils. There are plenty of hair mask products on the market but you can also try to make a hair mask yourself from natural ingredients in your home.

Choosing your shampoo

You may want to try a sulphate free shampoo, as this ingredient in shampoos seems to strip hair of its natural oils. Choose a more natural shampoo free from sulphate as well as other unnecessary chemicals. When looking for a conditioner, also try to go more natural but you can look for products that contain things like fatty acids, panthenol and soy protein. All of these ingredients are great for moisturising your hair.

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