Everything you need to know about ‘Beauty Fridges’

Everything you need to know about ‘Beauty Fridges’

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Not many people are familiar with the term ‘Beauty Fridge’, ‘Make-up Fridge’ or ‘Cosmetic Fridge.’ Only those who have beauty accounts on Instagram may know what it is and what it’s for. Recently, this small refrigerator has taken the beauty world by storm. However, many still ask the question, what is a ‘Beauty Fridge’? And is it really necessary and effective?

The answer to this question, for most of us, will be no. But it is up for debate. Leading dermatologists have proven that it is not necessary for most skin products to be stored in a cold place. There are virtually no benefits, as the properties of the product will not change in any way. However, this product is indispensable to the beauty practitioner and therapist. The beauty fridge allows them to have all their products in one place. Products are close-by, so they don’t have to leave their clients and go searching for a product.

How did this product find its way onto the market place?

A group of women in Australia, who had 9 to 5 jobs, started to talk about keeping their skin care products cold. The main reason being, they were tired of searching in the kitchen fridge for their face creams, which were hidden behind the tub of butter or jar of mayonnaise. Also, it would be great to put on a cold facemask on a hot summer’s day. The best solution they came up with, was to have a mini fridge, which could be kept in the bathroom.

Many of the Beauty Fridges are equipped with a cold as well as a heat setting. The heat allows you to warm your towel or face mask, which is said to enhance the effects of the product. So, after a great deal of research, these women found a gap in the market, which allowed them to quit their jobs and follow their passion.  

A regular bar fridge has a capacity of about 100L to 120L, while a Beauty Fridge is a lot smaller, providing about 10L of storage space. This is good because you don’t want anything huge taking up all the space in your bathroom. Unfortunately, these fridges are not available in South Africa just yet. So, you will have to buy one online at places like make-up fridges.com or Amazon.

What can you store in a Beauty fridge?

We have already learned that most skin products can survive in a cool, dark place and don’t really need a cold environment. On the other hand, many products today are using fewer preservatives and are more organic. This means they don’t last as long as other products, which is where a Beauty Fridge will come in handy.

Of course, the greatest benefit is the amazing feeling of a cold face mask. Also, it has been found that moisturises and creams, which have been cooled, help a great deal for irritated skin. Eye creams, when cooled, can help in reducing puffiness around the eye area. Serums, when cooled, can help for things like inflamed acne. In fact, any product that contains aloe, when cooled, has a calming and soothing effect.       

‘A Happy Women is a Beautiful Women’

However, there are many other products that need to be refrigerated in order to prolong their shelf life. These include any products that contain vitamin C, Benzoyl peroxide and retinol. They need to be refrigerated, which allows the product to last for longer periods of time.  

Make-up fridge

Of course, any live probiotic skin products, such as ‘Mother Dirt’, need to be refrigerated. Other natural beauty products or DIY beauty products, that do not contain preservatives also require refrigeration. Strangely enough, it is advisable to store your nail polish in the refrigerator, as it will keep the formula more stable and prevent it from separating.

Then there are products like the Jade Face Rollers, which can be stored in the fridge and helps with lymph drainage and boosts blood flow in the skin. Now let us look at some actual ‘Beauty Fridges’. The brand that is most popular is ‘Cooluli’ and comes in 4; 10 and 15-litre sizes. Prices range from around R750.00. Another brand is the ‘Chefman Mini Fridge’ and ranges in price from around R600.00.  


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