5 Questions to ask your stylist before you get your new do

5 Questions to ask your stylist before you get your new do

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Are you tired of your hairstyle, do you want a new look? Some of us are a bit wary of change, maybe you’ve had long hair all your life or you have never coloured your hair before but now you want to try something new. Before you make the big plunge, it may be wise to ask some advice from your hair stylist. After all, you want to feel and look great when you leave the salon. You don’t want to have to wear a beanie for months after a bad hair choice. So what questions should you consider before you get your new do?

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.”

Will my hair fit in with my lifestyle?

Some people don’t mind sitting hours styling their hair, but others need a hairstyle that is quick and easy to maintain. You also want a look that lasts longer than just a week, if you tend to wash your hair more often, the colour won’t last as long. If you are in a rush each morning, you want a hairstyle that is easy to manage, you don’t need something that requires hours of attention.

How much will it cost?

When it comes to colouring your hair, you should consider the cost. There are different ways to colour your hair, from adding simple highlights to a full-colour change. Having your hair coloured, in itself costs a bit of money, but the required maintenance afterwards may make you change your mind. This is especially true if you want to say, bleach dark hair. You will have to consider if you can manage the upkeep of your new hairdo.

What style will suit the shape of your face?

Many of us glance through magazines to find a hairstyle we like, but even if we would like that specific style, it may not suit your face. Some hairstyle may accentuate your face in a way you do not like. Also, those pictures in the magazine, those women most probably sat having their hair styled to perfection, something you may not be able to manage to do every day at home. A professional hair stylist will be able to give you advice and will cut your hair in a way that enhances your specific look.

“ Don’t waste a good hair day.”

What colour is best for me?

Will the colour you choose look good on you? You don’t want to choose a colour, pay a lot of money and then sit with a colour that doesn’t suit you at all until it grows out. The perfect colour depends on your skin tone and even what season it is, so it’s not just a matter of choosing what you like. There are a few things to consider before you decide on a colour. Discuss your choices with your hair stylist and ask them for advice on what would work best for you. Here are a few more questions to ask when deciding on your hair colour, questions to ask your hair stylist before you colour your hair.

What products or tools do I need to maintain?

Depending on your style, you want to keep that salon look for as long as possible. Ask your stylist what you will need to do, in order to achieve this. You might need some specific styling products or other hair products, which can help keep your hair looking the way you want it to. There might be certain shampoos and conditioners they can provide, which will help strengthen and boost the health of your hair. This is especially helpful if you are planning to style your hair often, using heat and other products.

The hair stylist may also recommend certain styling tools, which will help to keep the style of your hair. They should also be able to give you a few tips on how to keep your hair looking great.

Whatever you decided when it comes to a new hairdo, make sure to be open with your hairstylist and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your hairstylist is there to help you and offer the best advice that suits your needs.


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