Winter Make-up Trends

Winter Make-up Trends

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This winter beauty trends are taking it up a notch from summers pearly powders and illuminators to something with more glitter and colours. But don’t despair for all those minimalist fans out there. The perfect minimalist winter make- up regime is here too! 

Sparkle Stars

When everything is glittery nowadays – from purses to handbags to cellphone covers and nails, who said your make up shouldn’t also be?

Get this look: Never use the word sparingly when it comes to glitter, get as much glitter as you can on your brush and spread those sparkles generously over your lips, eyes or cheeks. With this look, it’s best to always remember the perfect balance is a must. It is always one or the other never the way whole face at once. The best tip for this look to give you the staying power you need is always apply a base make up before the glitter this will help not to spread the glitter to unwanted areas. And don’t forget a setting product afterwards. 

Go on and Sparkle!

Classic Beauty

So the glitz and glam might not be OK in the office, and you might prefer your make up regime to fit in with your minimalist lifestyle. This beauty trend come back is just for you!

Get this look: The focal point for the minimalist look is the lips. This classic look only needs is a translucent foundation, black mascara, black eyeliner and bold lipstick. Take special care on the lips. Use a sharpened lip liner pencil to outline the lips and use a brush a apply the lipstick from the middle of the lip to the corners. To create those perfect pouts proper care is needed. By exfoliating lips once a week with special skincare and a moisture-rich lip balm.

 A Classic style never goes out of style! 

Once Bitten Twice?

Shy, but you will never be shy with this “just-bitten” effect. These shimmering lips look will keep your lips looking healthy and lustrous

Get this look: This look is just about in the middle of the previous two. Using pastel colours on the lips such as a peach or rose. Colours which are softer. Try to avoid the sticky gloss. Lips should have a soft shade of colour with a little moisture. This look is easily upgraded from the office to the cocktail lounge by adding a defined cat eye and heavy mascara.  

Colour Pop

If you thought of leaving your acidic neon colours in summer, think again, this winter is about forgetting everything you know about matching colours. Don’t be afraid to mix those ultra-violet shades with passion pinks.

Get this look: Contrast, we are talking about pale and dark, warm and colours. Using ultraviolet colours on the eyes working your brush up with towards the brow with sunset oranges and reds. Even a contrast from eyes to lips will work this look. 

Winter white eyes 

The eyes are the window to our soul, during winter eyes can become looking tired, dull and in need of a pick me up. 

Get this look: To brighten those winter eyes try adding white on the lids of your eyes and adding black mascara to awaken those winter eyes. If adding white eye shadow to the lids of your eyes is too much for you, try adding a dab of white in the corner of your eyes. This will lighten, brighten and illuminate your eyes all the way through the cloudy winter days.


Winter 2019 has a look for everyone, from the colour crazy to the glitter queens as well the classic looks. It’s all in for this winter. With the temperatures dropping your winter make-up will be increasing temperatures around you. 




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