Blowouts: Brazilian vs Yuko

Blowouts: Brazilian vs Yuko

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The season of pushing that snooze button one to many times is here. Thermal hair straightening processes allow you those desperate extra minutes in the morning, as it keeps curly and unruly hair straight and manageable. There are two main permanent straightening processes, the most popular is the Brazilian blowout and the second is called, Yuko, also known as Japanese thermal blowout. Now the question is, what is the difference?   



Japanese thermal blowout (Yuko) Yuko was granted patent over a decade ago in 1995 in Japan. This thermal reconditioning process is more special than any other thermal reconditioning process because it uses the unique “Aqua Gold.” Aqua gold is the main ingredient in this process. It is a finished product that forms when water molecules combine with gold molecules in the liquid process causing the chemicals to react. When this happens it ensures that the solution penetrates every hair strand. The process involves washing hair and blow drying, then dividing hair into sections where the chemical solution is applied and allowed to rest for 30min-90min. Hair is rinsed and blow dried and finally flat ironed. This process can last up to five hours, depending on the thickness and length of hair. Japanese thermal reconditioning does not need any special shampoo for at home care. Hair is permanently straight, new growth hair will retain its natural texture.



The Brazilian blowout uses Keratin as the main ingredient, which is a protein found in hair and nails. It contains 2% Formaldehyde which prevents the hair from frizzing. Brazilian blowout processes are faster than other thermal reconditioning processes. The Keratin is infused into washed hair using a flat iron. The protein Keratin repairs any internal damage and replenishes it, by protecting the hair from any further damage caused by heat. The Brazilian blowout does not open and breaks hair cuticles as other processes do and can last up to four months. The process is a lot quicker than the Yuko process. Hair is shampooed with a Brazilian anti-residue professional shampoo. The Brazilian chemical treatment is applied to towel-dried hair section by section. The protective protein flattens the cuticle. Hair is then blow-dried straight with a paddle brush and flat ironed. When that is completed hair is rinsed (not shampooed) a Brazilian blowout masque is applied to seal the hair, once it is rinsed off a Brazilian blowout smoothing serum is applied to seal each hair strand. Finally, hair is then blow-dried straight. The entire process can last approximately 90 minutes. You will need special sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners for at home care.    

Speak to one of our hairstylists to help you choose which one of these is best suited for your specific needs. The Yuko and Brazilian have advantages to protect your hair, leaving you with sleek straight hair, allowing you to push that snooze button and have worry-free hair days. 


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