Beauty Hype: Flawless Self -Adjusting Foundation

Beauty Hype: Flawless Self -Adjusting Foundation

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Finding the perfect foundation that matches our unique skin tones flawlessly is a bit like believing in unicorns. With hundreds of different brands, tones, and shades available it’s often a stressful experience to shop for the right one. And just once we believe we have found the ‘perfect’ foundation, the seasons change and… oops so has our skin tone! Self-adjusting foundations claim to meet every skin tone, simply and effectively. There are many questions regarding the self-adjusting foundation, how do I choose the perfect foundation? How does it work? And most important, is this just another marketing gimmick? 


The Theory

Knowing the struggle of finding the ‘perfect’ foundation is real. The theory behind developing a self-adjusting foundation is simple, applying foundation to the skin and it will change to any skin tone to hide blemishes and uneven skin tone.    



The Technology Behind The Theory

Self-adjusting foundations falls into two categories either, pH-reactive formulas or encapsulated colours. pH-reactive formulas are more chemical-based and work with the skins’ pH level. They react differently based on the acidity or alkaline level of the skin. Tones can change according to personal chemistry, which sounds amazing right? Maybe not so amazing, knowing that our PH levels can change with any amount of moisture in the air. Having said that, even the air can change the shade. The encapsulated colour formulas don’t work with the skins’ pH levels. They separate the colour pigments from an uncoloured pigment base eg. moisturizer. The colours that are encapsulated are coated with oil or gel which keeps colour suspended. That is why self-adjusting foundations appear a greyish or pale colour. Once the foundation is rubbed on to the skin, the colour pigments are broken and the colour is released. The more you rub, the more pigment is released attempting to match your skin tone.   



How To Choose

Self-adjusting foundations are generally available in three shades, light, medium and dark. Choosing the incorrect shade could leave you with the same problem as before. It is best to consult with beauty to consultants regarding which shade is best suited for your skin tone.                


Gimmick or Not?

The self-adjusting foundation promises to match every unique skin tone to give flawless coverage, but this, unfortunately, is not entirely the truth. Darker skin tones, as well as paler skin tones, makes it more difficult to match perfectly. The self-adjusting foundations do work well with medium skin tones. Giving you a single layer of coverage to even out skin tone.                                                                  

The debate will still rage on whether the self-adjusting foundation delivers as promised or not. But one thing is for sure with the rate that technology is developing it won’t be long before self-adjusting make-up is completely perfected to suit all skin tones ranging from pale to dark.


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