Which mask you should wear…for your hair?

Which mask you should wear…for your hair?

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When we think of DIY, many of us imagine it taking forever and being left disappointed with results. It just never seems to come out as we see it in magazines. But with these DIY hair masks that are quick and easy and most of the ingredients are sitting in your kitchen. Hair masks are like conditioners just a hundred times better. For optimal results, hair masks should be applied once a week, but who has time to go to the salon once a week, that is why these DIY masks are brilliant.

Hydrating Mask

This mask does exactly what it says. It hydrates the hair.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Lavender oil and a few drops of essential oils. This mask works well as an overnight mask, which is easy to rinse out the following morning.

How to: Mix ingredients together and apply to shampooed towel-dried hair. Relax and rinse out the following morning.

Tip: This mask can easily be made in large quantities and stored in an airtight jar or container and kept in the fridge for your weekly treatment. 

Split End Recovery Mask

This mask is best for all types of hair from fine hair to coarse hair.

Ingredients: Milk and Honey. The combination of milk and the honey restores and makes hair less brittle and less prone to split ends.

How to: Mix the honey and milk together and apply on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Leave the mask on your hair for 25 minutes, then rinse off and style as usual.

Tip: For coarser hair replace milk with fresh cream as it has more fat in it. For finner, hair use low-fat milk instead of full fat. 

Strawberry And Mayonnaise Mask

Dull and fly-away hair? This mask is loaded with Vitamin C, it nourishes and protects the cell membranes of your hair. The results will leave you with shiny, smooth and weightless hair.

How to: mix the crushed strawberries and mayonnaise together. Apply to shampooed towel-dried hair, cover your hair with cling film or shower cap. Allow the mask to rest for approximately 30min.

Tip: For finer hair add more strawberries than mayonnaise. For thicker and more coarse hair add more mayonnaise than strawberries.

Healthy Hair And Hair Growth

Need a little kick start to your hair growth? This mask is definitely for you, especially if you have some left-over pumpkin in the fridge.

How to: Mash the pumpkin and mix with some honey. Apply this mixture liberally on your hair and rub into your scalp. Allow this mask to rest on the hair for approximately 20 minutes.

Tip: Massaging this mask into the scalp longer promotes blood flow and hair growth. 

Repair Mask

This mask is ideal for a quick home remedy for damaged hair due to over-processing of chemicals.

How to: use an overripe banana blend it with some olive oil. Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Allow the mask to absorb on the hair for approximately 30 minutes.

Tip: For fine hair, use less olive oil and for coarser hair use more olive oil. 

With these time saving, natural hair masks you have more time to put your feet up enjoy that glass wine.


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