How to make your mani last longer

How to make your mani last longer

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Having a manicure done is one of life’s small pleasures. We all love that feeling walking out of the salon admiring our newly manicured nails. But before we have reached home we have imagined our nails chipping before the first week is over. Here are a few tips on making that beautifully manicured nails last longer.

Decline The Hand Soak.

We know that feeling of finally sitting on that chair, having your hands soaked in warm water is just the beginning of the total relaxation process when having your manicure. But many nail experts advise against this. Having your nails soaked before-hand isn’t necessary, the water on the nails actually makes the nail bed expand which allows chipping more likely to happen. So skip the soak for a longer-lasting effect.

Wear Gloves.

Not many of us actually enjoy washing dishes, and we dislike it, even more, when we have just had our nails done, right? So wear gloves while washing dishes to prevent the nail bed from expanding and nail polish chipping and peeling off. Or use your newly painted nails as an excuse not to wash those dirty dishes!

Instant Hand Sanitizer is a no-no.

Instant hand sanitizers are great to carry around and convenient to use, but hand sanitizers tend to dry out nails and quickly fades the topcoat of the nails. Rather use a mild soap and luke-warm water when washing your hands, to keep that topcoat looking great for weeks.  



Natural Shape Filing.

Asking your nail technician to keep the shape of your nails so that it mirrors your cuticle shape this will dramatically decrease your chances of nails breaking.


Don’t think all nail technicians are just wanting you to spend more than you budgeted for when they insist you purchase a topcoat for at home care of your nails. Applying a clear topcoat every two to three days will enhance the shine as well as preventing chipping. Invest in the topcoat. 

Moisture Moisture Moisture.

The less moisture in the nails will cause nails to split and break. Keep applying nail oil to your cuticles and nails everyday to lock moisture in, this will keep nails in optimal condition.  

Hide the chipping.

Ok, so you have accidently chipped the tips of your nails, no need to freak out. Apply a super thin layer like a French tip to hide it. Now you have updated your look and fixed your chipping nails. 



Ombre reversing.

Grown out nails? Change your nail look by adding glitter to the base of your nails, creating a reverse glitter ombre` look to your nails, which will give you extra week before your next appointment with your nail technician.

With these few and easy life hacks, you will be able to keep your manicure looking brand new and stylish for weeks on end. 


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