Summer’s Must-Have Styles

Summer’s Must-Have Styles

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The sun is out and we have that extra spring in our step, this season makes us want a change in our hair, but stop before you head out to your stylist and chop off all your length. Here are a few styles to change your look for the summer. 


Need a change, but don’t want to regret it? Wispy bangs are in this summer. Full fringes that are in-between the curtain fringes, wispy fringes need to be cut just above the lashes and simple texturizing at the ends to give that wispy effect. This simple change in your style will draw attention to your eyes and leave you with a new look for a new season.




The choppy bob has been having a come back recently, but the rounded bob gives you the feel of being retro, this rounded bob also leaves you with a sophisticated look, one is thing is for sure if you are daring enough to change your summer look entirely, this cut is for you as it flatters just about every face shape.


Now, this style is ideal for those of us who ask for a change but at the same time say ‘I don’t want to lose my length.’ The collarbone lob hangs loosely, touching the collarbone. The edges need to be kept blunt, but layering is an option to add some body. This cut works for all lengths of hair and is flattering with any face shape. 


Wanting to keep your hair length and just want to update it for the summer. Keep your edges blunt and have the layering to the minimal, this will keep your hair looking healthier during summer. 


Don’t think just because you have curls that you can’t wear a fringe. Curly fringes are a hit this season. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe dry because we know curls can be unpredictable, so your stylist will be able to see exactly how your fringe falls naturally. 




This style gives you a real retro feel. Ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers with fewer layers cut towards the back. This cut is amazing your hair will appear thicker and healthier and with an added bonus, it is easy to manage and style. 



Beat the heat this summer with a low bun. No need for using your flat iron this season. Pull your hair in a sleek away from your neck. Giving you an office style that will beat the heat. 



Ever watch the movie the babysitter? This pony is having a come back after G.O.T just finished. It is simple to do. Starting with a high first section keep adding subsections and tying it with elastics all the way down your pony. This look will keep you cool in the heat of summer. 



This season is all about adding a little something different to your hair, especially if you are rocking the low bun, add hair bands to jazz up your look. 


With all these easy styles and cuts to try out this season, keeping you cool while the temperatures rise, you will be able to enjoy summer a little more this season.


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