Bridal Styles

Bridal Styles

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Your big day is fast approaching and you still have no idea what to do with your hair. But one thing is for sure that just about every bride wants to feel like a princess, even if it is just for a day. Gone are the days of tight curls and million grips. Bridal styles have taken a step back from the traditional ‘nothing is ruining my hairstyle’ and embracing natural flowing styles which look amazing. 


The low bun is still one of the most popular traditional bridal styles, this season the traditional bun is taking a slight revamp. Instead of a tight low bun, try a looser and messier bun with soft curls that looked like they had accidentally fallen out, but are perfectly placed to give a more romantic look. Adding accessories to this classic will really add to make you feel like a princess. 




Over the past few years, we have seen brides leaning towards more natural styles for their big day. This style is perfect for that beautiful beach wedding you are planning. Soft waves and tousled hair is perfect. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, ask your stylist to add a few extensions to give more grip, especially for Cape Town’s wind. 


Wearing a high or low ponytail is daring for your wedding day, but it will give you that sophisticated look. I think it is safe to say we have Ariana Grande to thank for this style. Having a sleek pony will definitely emphasize your make-up. This look works perfectly, you won’t have to stress about growing your hair because you can add any length of the extension to get your desired length and thickness of the pony.



You can add a single braid or a few braids to just about any style to give it that modern and romantic feel. A loose braid on one side or even adding a few braids to your messy bun will look great. 


This style is amazing for that picture-perfect forest wedding. Loose curls dangling softly to frame your face and hanging loosely at the back looks great. This style is gaining popularity because it is simple and perfect for any weather conditions.


This style is leaning away from the traditional tight curls and slicked hair away from the face bridal styles. This is much less painful using much fewer grips. Gently pulling pieces out and have hair flowing naturally is a lot simpler. Try to stay away from hair sprays and use texturizing products applied from the root upwards beforehand, to give that whimsical look. 



Hair colour that compliments these styles are soft blondes with beige and honey highlights. For those who have darker hair, adding a few lowlights changes how those loose curls will look and adds dimension and creates the illusion of texture to your hair. 

This year bridal hair trends are strongly leaning towards whimsical, romantic and natural styles, while adding glamour with accessories. All in all, brides are saying NO to tight curls and overly sprayed hair that could miraculously hold until after the honeymoon. 


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