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This Season: Give the Gift of an Experience

Category : Beauty , Hair

Why Gifting an Experience is Best

Struggling to find that unique gifting idea for someone? Many people today are just too busy to go out to the shops and search for that perfect gift. So, they land up giving the same old thing, chocolates, wine, bath products etc. There’s nothing wrong with these types of gifts, but for those who are closer to you, maybe something more original would be more exciting. Gifting an Experience is becoming more popular as a way to fulfil people’s desired interests.

Can you remember what you got three years ago for your birthday? Even if you can remember what it was, do you still have it?  Then think about the first time you went on holiday with a loved one, to the beach, overseas, or elsewhere. Can you recall all those memories? The time you went to your very first music concert with your friends? You forget about material things, but experiences and memories are lasting.

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments” Cesare Pavese

You even get those not so good experiences, where you fell into a mud puddle or got lost in the city you were visiting, these become stories you tell over and over again for a laugh. These experiences are almost always done with somebody and by gifting an experience, this can only bring you closer to your loved one. The gift is not just a once off thing, an experience is shareable and the memories can last a lifetime. Social experiences can also influence how happy we feel. After going on a picnic, or to the beach with a friend or family member, how did it make you feel? This is what sets a material gift apart from a gifted experience, the emotion that comes out when sharing the experience.

There have been studies, which actually show that material gifts lose their appeal faster. On the other hand, experiences tend to build excitement, which lasts, even when the actual experience is over. An experience is also something that can’t be compared too much, you know when you get that new iPhone. You might start comparing it to the new one your friend just got, which has more features.

Giving an experience as a gift is a lot more personal and there has to be some thought put into it. You can’t go and purchase a skydiving voucher when the person is afraid of heights. You have to learn more about the person you want to buy the gift for. What do they like and dislike, in order to come up with a unique and thoughtful gift experience? To make it easy for you, today most of the vouchers for experiences can be purchased online.

Reasons why you should try gifting an experience

  • The best reason is the anticipation. For any other gift, you unwrap it and then the excitement fades, but your anticipation builds for however long until the day of the event.
  • Getting new things is great, but in a lot of cases, these things just land up on the shelf collecting dust. Not so with gifting an experience, you will only land up with awesome memories.
  • Finding happiness, buying stuff can feel good but in the long run, does it actually make you happy? A fun experience can fulfil that need.
  • An experience is usually done with somebody else, so not only is it exciting for you but also for those who share the experience with you. You get to build relationships while you’re at it.
  • Those who receive an experience as a gift will always remember the giver.

Look no further

There are many categories when it comes to these types of gifting ideas. One of the major categories include experiences at a beauty or hair salon. You won’t go wrong with a beauty voucher that includes a wash, cut and hair treatment followed by a massage, manicure or pedicure.

The ladies usually have a favourite hair and beauty salon they prefer, so try a voucher here first before anywhere else. Have a look at what we have to offer. Hair Menu. Beauty Menu.


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Did You Know That Great Looking Hair Boosts Your Confidence?

Category : Hair

Do you feel better when you have a good hair day? You are not alone. According to a new survey from, 77 percent of women don’t feel like themselves when they are having a bad hair day. Hair confidence is key to feeling good about yourself.

Based on how we feel about our hair, it seems that looks do indeed matter, whether for personal self-esteem reasons or societal standards. It impacts how we feel about ourselves, and how we are viewed in our personal and professional life.

Hair has always played an important role in life: all the way back with ancient royalty to colonial times with elaborate wigs to prove status, wisdom, and wealth.

More Stats

1 in 4 women say that making sure their hair looks good is their biggest concern when making a good impression.  42 percent of women say a sexy hair day is the one thing that would give them a confidence boost, more than just a sexy outfit, a fresh manicure and even new shoes.

When a woman feels good about herself, that confidence pours over into every part of their day.

The survey also revealed that women are most likely to experiment with their hair when they feel comfortable in their environments, and don’t try new looks when they know they are meeting someone for the first time. The internet has given us access to an endless stream of information, thus the ability to follow YouTube tutorial instructions to the “T”, which means now, more than ever before, we can try new styles like curling our hair with a straightener or braiding it.

Hair is also one of the top three features mentioned when describing another person aesthetically. It creates a first impression, similar to one’s smile, eyes, and skin.


If you are feeling bad about the current state of your locks, now is the time to be spruced up for the summer and feel good about yourself.

Call us for appointment today! 021 979 4292


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Your Skin – How to Prevent Sun Damage

Category : Beauty

How to prevent sun damage for your skin

The sun, which we cannot do without, is a source of light and necessary for life on our planet. Over the years there has been an ever-increasing awareness of how the sun can affect our health. There are a number of benefits, but there is also a negative side, where the sun can cause damage and accelerate ageing. Luckily there are things you can do to help prevent sun damage to your skin.

First, let’s have a look at a few of the actual benefits the sun can give us:

  • The most common benefit known is that sunlight helps to boost vitamin D levels in the body. Most times a deficiency in vitamin D can be directly linked to a lack of sun exposure. This is why it is recommended for those who live in cloudy and cold regions, to take a supplement instead.
  • Getting enough sunlight and therefore vitamin D can be linked to reduced blood pressure and a lower instance of heart disease.
  • The sunlight is important in regulating the sleep-wake cycle of the body, also known as the Circadian Rhythm.
  • Spending time in the sun can also help with issues like depression

As you can see, we need the sun to stay healthy, but over the years due to the deterioration of the ozone layer, it has become a bit more dangerous to expose our skin to the sun.  So, how can we prevent sun damage to our skin?

90% of skin damage is caused by sun exposure

Prevention of sun damage

Staying out of the sun is the best way to protect yourself, but this is just not going to happen. The best way to stay out of the sun would be to try and avoid going outside on those hot summer days during the hottest part of the day. This would mean staying out of the sun during midday because this is when the UV rays are at their strongest.

One of the first things that occur when in the sun too long, is the not too pleasant sunburn. This means that the skin cells are actually damaged, and over time can become dry, flaky and make your skin look older than it actually is. The worst-case scenario for skin damage would be skin cancer. This has become a very common kind of cancer and can be prevented by looking after your skin properly.

Types of skin cancer:

The skin is noticeably different from the rest of your body, if you notice something odd about a certain spot on your skin, have it checked out. You will get spots, moles and blemishes on your skin, these are damaged areas of skin and are usually harmless. The best thing to do, to keep it this way, is to regularly keep checking your skin. There is a rule that you can follow, which can help you decide if you should have that spot checked out or not.

The rule is simple, just follow A, B, C, D

A: Look for spots that are asymmetrical, this means that it is not perfectly round in shape.

B: Take this further and see if the borders are uneven

C: Unusual colouring and uneven colour is a good indication for you to have it checked out.

D: Take note if the spot is bigger than 7mm

There are different types of skin cancer, these include:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma, the most common form of cancer
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Nodular Melanoma


Dr Rodney Aziz Types of skin cancer

What can you do to prevent sun damage

  • Always make sure to put on some sunscreen before going outside every day. Have a look at the daily moisturisers, which can also contain sunscreen. There are many brands and types of sunscreens out there, from lotions to sprays and roll-ons. The sunscreen should contain at least an SPF of 30. There are those that are higher and therefore offer even better protection.
  • If you are going to the beach or are going to be outside for long periods, try to avoid the hottest times. This would be from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • You could also wear protective clothing and hats when going outside.
  • Your eyes can also be damaged, so remember to wear sunglasses


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Why vitamin C is important for your skin – And how to add it to your beauty regime

Category : Beauty

There are many things that are important for your body and your skin, but we are only going to look at one of them, Vitamin C. There are various ways you can add vitamin C to your daily routine, from taking a supplement to applying it directly to your skin. First, let’s have a look at the general benefits Vitamin C has for your body. This vitamin itself cannot actually be produced by the body and is known as an essential vitamin, which needs to be added to your diet.

Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Every day your body is under stress from free radicals, which can come being exposed to things like air pollution, eating fried foods, and smoke amongst other things. These free radicals can cause damage to other cells in your body. This is where Vitamin C steps up, it is an anti-oxidant, which interacts with the free radicals before they can do any damage.
  • There is some evidence that shows vitamin C aids in the reduction of high blood pressure.
  • May also help to reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Helps to improve immunity by improving the function of white blood cells

Many people rely on supplements to get there daily intake of vitamin C, but I think it is best to get your daily intake through the food that you eat. Here are a few foods that are high in vitamin C.

  • Oranges and Lemons
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya
  • Brussel Sprouts and broccoli
  • Kiwi’s
  • Kale
  • Sweet yellow peppers and tomatoes

So, we have looked at what vitamin c can do for your body, but what can it do for your skin? There are many products out there that offer vitamin c as a topical application in their creams and lotions.

Some of the major benefits and why vitamin c is important for your skin:

  • Again, because it is an anti-oxidant, it can help to prevent any damage done by the harmful UV rays of the sun. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use sun protection, always use products with daily SPF protection.
  • The vitamin can help to increase collagen, which in turn can help your skin look firmer and younger.
  • Another positive benefit is to help reduce wrinkles, which is why many of the anti-ageing products contain vitamin c.
  • It helps to even out your skin tone and fades dark spots
  • Since it helps to repair the damage done by overexposure, it may also have some benefits when applied to scar tissue.

Vitamin C, how can you add it to your beauty regime

This amazing vitamin can be found in a variety of creams as well as serums. A serum is thinner and contains a higher concentration of ingredients to penetrate deep into the different layers of the skin. Each of these products contains a variety of ingredients and when selecting one, it should be a product that is for your skin type. If you do have very sensitive skin, it is always recommended that you perform a patch test first with any new product, just to ensure you won’t have any unpleasant reactions.


There are many products out there, each claiming to be the best. Always check the labels and ingredients or ask advice from a trusted professional. When applying your products, you may want to apply them in the morning, so that it can help throughout the day, provide protection against the harsh environments you may come in contact with.

How to get the most out of your vitamin c products

  • It will take time to see results, so don’t be disheartened if nothing appears to be different overnight. Keep up your routine and you will see results in a few weeks up to a few months. Be patient.
  • Always follow the application instructions and use the product regularly as advised.
  • Be aware that if you use other products, for instance, products that contain retinol may interact with other ingredients. Speak to your skincare therapist for best results.
  • To ensure your product retains its high potency levels, always store correctly. A product that is not looked after, will lose it effective qualities much faster. The best way to store your products is in a cool, dry and dark space. You will be able to smell if your product has gone rancid, avoid further use. You will also know a good product, as it will come in a dark or brown bottle, it should never come in a see-through or clear packaging.
  • This is one of those times that making your own vitamin c product may not be a good idea. There are some finer points that need to be taken into consideration in order to produce an effective product.


Have a look at the correct order you should apply your products for your daily skincare routine.

Does your skin need a boost? Why not visit us for a rejuvenating facial? Call 021 979 4292 for an appointment today! View our Beauty Menu Here.

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How to make your colour last longer

Category : Hair

Everyone loves how their hair looks after a colour treatment. But a month or so later, the colour seems to fade and look dull. Good news! There is a way to make your colour last longer,  and you should definitely give it a try.

“ Everything looks better in colour”

What could cause your hair to fade faster?

  • Styling your hair every day with heat can be causing your hair to fade faster. Today, you may be able to find straightening irons that have a special setting for those with coloured hair. You also get special products that you can apply before styling, known as ‘ thermal protectants’
  • The most obvious cause for fading your hair colour is washing it too often. If your hair is not oily, try to wash every second to third day. You could consider using dry shampoo to extend the time between washes. Hot water is also a culprit when it comes to fading hair, so if you can, try to wash in cooler water. Only use the cooler water after conditioning as this closes the hair cuticles. If you do this after shampooing, the conditioner will have no real effect.
  • Sticking with washing your hair, it also matters what type of shampoo you are using. Some shampoos that contain sulphates and other chemicals can have an effect on the colour. It is best to purchase shampoos that are colour safe or more natural and sulphate free.
  • In the summer months, exposing your hair to the sun and harsh water can strip your hair of moisture and colour. Try applying a hair mask once in a while. The sun can also be a culprit when it comes to fading hair. Try using a shampoo with UV protection and if you do go out into the sun, remember to wear a hat.
  • Speaking of harsh water, chlorine is bad for your hair whether it is coloured or not. The best way you can take care of your hair is to wash out the chlorine before it dries completely. Some professionals also recommend using a leave-in hair conditioner before going to swim.
  • Be aware of hair products with large amounts of alcohol as an ingredient. These will dry the hair out and also fade hair faster.

Making your hair colour last longer

One of the first things you can do to help save your hair colour is not to wash your hair too soon after the colour has been applied. The dye needs time to settle and washing too soon can rinse some of the colour out and causing the colour fade faster.

You can try to apply most of the shampoo to the roots, work up a lather and then move a little bit of the shampoo over the rest of your hair before you rinse it off. The water that comes out of the shower may also have chemicals in it, these chemicals can be one of the causes that fade your hair colour. Today, it is easy to purchase a shower head filter that helps to stop any chlorine or other chemicals and metals coming through.

Keep your hair hydrated by applying a colour-friendly conditioner and using a moisturising treatment once a week. There are many products available for this purpose, but you can just as easily use one simple, natural product, jojoba oil. You can also use other oils including coconut oil or Argan oil.

Have a look at this video, which gives you the tips on how to make your colour last longer. You will also find a few recommended products that can easily be purchased from your local store or our salon.

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Hello Bold, Beautiful Spring Make Up Trends!

Category : Beauty

If you’ve never really considered yellow eye shadow before then now is the perfect time to test it out.

This spring’s catwalk look is all about being bold and bright. For now you can put aside those nude and natural eye palettes and splash out on some bright yellows, greens, pinks and blues for the eyes, matching the lips with equally bright colours.

Eye Shadow

Bright and bold covering the whole eye. Metallic colours are also all the rage right now.


A must and must be heavy thick lines for perfect cat eyes.


Lush and long. Use a great voluminous mascara or experiment with lash extensions.


Use cream lip colours is neons and pastel colours.


Go wild with unusual colours as the final touch to your signature look.


Call us: 021 979 4292

Does your hair need a pick me up? Want to go Blue, Pink or Purple? How about some fresh highlights? We can help with that – call us today! See Hair Design Menu We also have a full range of beauty services. See Beauty Menu.


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Hairstyles that will make your hair look thicker

Category : Hair

Due to many factors, many people suffer from thinning hair and are always looking for ways to make their hair look thicker, while you also have those with naturally thin hair. In either case, most are looking for a bit of volume and thickness. There are shampoos and other products out there that say they help with thinning hair. There are also volumizing products that give you that extra oomph, but what actual hairstyles are out there that will make your hair look thicker?

First let’s look at some reasons for thinning hair.

  • Hereditary conditions and diseases
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Excessive coloring of hair and applied heat

Most times good nutrition and using some excellent products can help to thicken hair out. This is where different hairstyles come into play. Are there different styles and tricks that can give volume to your hair? The primary aim of these hairstyles, is to take your attention off the thickness of the hair and focuses on other points, like highlights. Some hairstyles or tricks can make your hair look thicker even without a cut or any kind of treatment. Although, if you do have thinning hair, medium to shorter hair is considered to add more volume than longer hair.

Some of the shorter hairstyles that will make your hair look thicker

The classic Bob, this hairstyle can be cut in a few different ways. You can create a messed-up look, that works great for those who just want to shower and go. Then there is the angled or inverted bob, which is one of the more popular styles today. The style is also versatile and can be an option for slightly longer hair. Next, is the shaggy lob, which works well with longer layers and can add nice volume and movement into the hair. There are a few other options as well from A-line to layered, short and long bobs.

“Sorry I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair”

The pixie cut might be a bit of a drastic change for many, but this hairstyle can be a fun and trendy decision. Adding to all these hairstyles so far, you can decide to include a fringe, which is also a great way to update your look and add dimension. The fringe is also great to help cover high foreheads as well as any wrinkles or a pimple that might be starting to show.

Hair that has a textured look with added techniques like highlights and layers, will add dimension. All of this distracts anybody from noticing thinner hair, by adding more volume and contrast. Have a look at these to see more details on hairstyles that will make you hair look thicker.

Here are some more techniques that could help make your hair look thicker

  • When styling your hair, you usually part your hair to one side, which tends to become flat and naturally flips to that side all the time. To add volume, flip your hair to the opposite side, spray with some hair texture spray and there you have your extra volume.
  • Oily hair is not good for those with thin hair, so a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner can help.
  • The idea of using your conditioner first and then shampoo creates the texture needed to add volume to the hair. There are products that are on the market that are specifically sold like for this purpose.
  • Avoid blow drying or using heat on your hair constantly, which can thin your hair out even faster.
  • Using a small dollop of hair mousse can add some volume and texture your limp and thin hair. Apply from root to tip before blow drying.
  • You can also purchase hair pieces or crown toppers. These are added into your own hair creating volume. The topper is specifically designed for those with thinning hair and are for those who don’t really need an entire wig. These toppers add just a little bit of extra coverage and fullness.


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Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets – trust me, you want to read this

Category : Beauty

You may have noticed how blemish free, silky smooth and radiant Asian women’s skin look, but especially Korean women. Ever wondered what they do differently? Did you know that the Korean woman’s beauty routine is vastly differently to ours?

Here are 8 of the Korean Women’s Beauty Habits that gives them a gorgeous glow and slows down the signs of ageing.

Don’t neglect the night. Clean your face properly, removing making up with  gentle oil based products or coconut oil. Wash your face with warm water using a light enzyme scrub once or twice a week. Place a warm face cloth over your face for a minute to allow it to steam and open those pores.

Pat your face dry – gently. Never rub your face with a towel.

Apply a nourishing sheet mask for 15 minutes. Korean women use sheet masks every evening, but adopting this habit just weekly will already improve your skin tremendously. More about where to buy Korean sheet masks in SA.

Don’t rinse off the excess mask. When removing the sheet mask, gently massage the remainder of the gel into your skin.

Layer up the moisture. Apply your usual moisturising night cream or serum before bed.

Hydrate before bed. Drink a cup of herbal tea or water.

Get enough sleep. Aim for 7 – 8 hours.

In the morning, wash your face with only warm water and pat dry before applying your moisturiser and sunscreen (sunscreen is not negotiable).

If this sounds like just too much effort, the be sure to book regular facials done by a professional.

Call us for an appointment today!  021 979 42 92

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Why more women under 40 choose to go grey

Category : Hair

Looking in the mirror to find your first grey hair usually is a bit of a shock. The first signs of grey hair are the first signs of getting older. Many would make an appointment with their hairdresser to cover up the grey. Many women start to go grey in their 30’s and some even younger and most choose to begin dying their hair. Things change and new trends develop and today people, especially young people, are going to have their hair dyed a variety of grey options from an ombre effect to silver and highlights.

So why should women, who are starting to grey have to cover up? Men who are greying are seen as distinguished, so why can’t women embrace their natural grey look as well. In the media, there are so many commercials advocating dyeing your hair, which is not a bad thing, but women should not feel pressured into doing something if they don’t want to. Sometimes this is difficult as colleagues or even friends might comment on those grey roots showing. Whether you want to leave your hair natural or dye it, should be completely up to you.

Here are some of the options for, how to get grey hair and the summer trends.

Reasons for grey hair

Let us have a look at the actual reasons for those grey hairs. Let’s start with the basics, you have a pigment in your hair, known as Melanin. This pigment is responsible for the colour of your hair. The grey starts to develop when the cells that produce this colour pigment stop working, due to age or other factors. The melanin pigment can also be blocked by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide, which occurs naturally in the hair follicles. This then bleaches the hair and it grows out grey. Ethnicity may also play a role, as it seems that Caucasian people tend to go grey earlier, while those from an Asian or African heritage tend to go grey a little later in life.

Sometimes there is a cause for going grey prematurely:

  • Diet plays a major role in overall health, but also specifically in the health of your hair. A deficiency in Vitamin B12 may be causing the problem
  • Thyroid imbalances can also have an effect
  • Stress can be a major player in the existence of those grey hairs.  
  • Environmental factors can also play a role in the health of your hair.
  • Using too many hair products and styling can damage your hair
  • Medications may have a negative effect, especially when it comes to things like chemotherapy.

How to slow down the onset of greying hair

There are some steps that you can take to help slow down the greying process.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle, eat correctly and if needed take some supplements like Vitamin B12 to boost your bodies systems.
  • Smoking has been associated with accelerating the ageing process. The best thing to do is to stop smoking.
  • Look after your hair like you would your skin; apply regular moisturizing treatments or hair masks on a regular basis.
  • Let your hair hang loose, by putting your hair up into a bun or up style may cause trauma to the scalp area and therefore increase your risk of damage to your hair.

Another reason for choosing to go grey could be that dying grey hair might be more difficult. Sometimes grey hair doesn’t absorb the hair dye as effectively as it should. Colouring your hair can also be an expensive activity that you need to do on a regular basis. If you are a person who has dyed their hair for a long time, growing out your grey hair is a process. This process can take a long time to get your hair looking how you want it. Have a look at these testimonials and see if you can get some encouragement for your decision to go grey naturally.

Want to go grey? We can help!

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7 ways you can update your look

Category : Beauty , Hair


Have you ever felt like trying out something new, a new haircut or look, but just don’t know what to do? Many times we land up doing the same thing, because it’s familiar and safe. Making a big change like colouring your hair a striking colour or cutting your long tresses you’ve had for years, can be a big decision. So here is a little bit of help on how you can update your look, and also some current trends and styles.

  1. Hair Colours and trends

Let’s start off with hair colours, you could be thinking of adding a few highlights or, if you’re really daring, choosing the new trendy neon colour. Although, it seems that this year colours are a little less out there, but definitely still on the bold side. Those who have brunette or darker hair can easily get away with the more vibrant colours like a midnight blue or a deep red. Those with lighter hair have a variety of blond colours to choose from. They make up such enticing names for each colour like Rose Blond or Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Even if you don’t want a whole head of new colour, highlights are the next best thing.


2. Hair Styles and trends

There are some really great hair styles, most of them leaning toward natural looks with minimal maintenance. The hairstyles include some fun short cuts, as well as easy to manage long hairstyles. Some of these styles include wash and go bob cuts to long pixie cuts and easy to manage bangs.


Let’s have a look at some of these great options: Update your look and style with these great hairstyles.

just right.

3. Adding the feminine touch

Maybe you feel your hair is just fine the way it is, but you just want to add something new. Dress your up with some ribbon or other accessory, to create a more feminine yet playful look.

4. Pulling back your hair

Open up your features with a hair band. Today you have a variety of different hair bands and types to choose form. Use the band on long loose hair or use it with a ponytail or bun. The more popular or trendy look is to go for, is the 90’s thick leather headbands, which seem to be popular this year.

5. Change up your hair parting

How simple is this? Just change up the way you part your hair. You will be amazed at the change and difference it actually makes. This can help to increase volume and the hair will frame your face differently. Basically an instant new look without any fuss. If the style doesn’t want to stick, then try some hair styling spray and blow dry into the new direction.


6. Wet Hair Trend

Another simple and easy way to get a new look. This is especially great for those who have little time to spend on hours of styling your hair. Just get some shine and texture spray and apply to your hair roots and ends and then tousle your hair around a bit, and maybe even add a side path. Of course you can also get that glossy slicked back look, many celebrities have used this style over the years and it seems to be sticking around.

7. Long looped Ponytail is in

According to Marie-Claire, the long looped ponytail is very popular this year. The ponytail has just been glamorized by adding a higher looped and wrapped ponytail. Have a look at the 7 biggest hair trends from Marie Claire.

Read the Marie Claire Hair Trends of 2018 here.