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Bridal Styles

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Your big day is fast approaching and you still have no idea what to do with your hair. But one thing is for sure that just about every bride wants to feel like a princess, even if it is just for a day. Gone are the days of tight curls and million grips. Bridal styles have taken a step back from the traditional ‘nothing is ruining my hairstyle’ and embracing natural flowing styles which look amazing. 


The low bun is still one of the most popular traditional bridal styles, this season the traditional bun is taking a slight revamp. Instead of a tight low bun, try a looser and messier bun with soft curls that looked like they had accidentally fallen out, but are perfectly placed to give a more romantic look. Adding accessories to this classic will really add to make you feel like a princess. 




Over the past few years, we have seen brides leaning towards more natural styles for their big day. This style is perfect for that beautiful beach wedding you are planning. Soft waves and tousled hair is perfect. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, ask your stylist to add a few extensions to give more grip, especially for Cape Town’s wind. 


Wearing a high or low ponytail is daring for your wedding day, but it will give you that sophisticated look. I think it is safe to say we have Ariana Grande to thank for this style. Having a sleek pony will definitely emphasize your make-up. This look works perfectly, you won’t have to stress about growing your hair because you can add any length of the extension to get your desired length and thickness of the pony.



You can add a single braid or a few braids to just about any style to give it that modern and romantic feel. A loose braid on one side or even adding a few braids to your messy bun will look great. 


This style is amazing for that picture-perfect forest wedding. Loose curls dangling softly to frame your face and hanging loosely at the back looks great. This style is gaining popularity because it is simple and perfect for any weather conditions.


This style is leaning away from the traditional tight curls and slicked hair away from the face bridal styles. This is much less painful using much fewer grips. Gently pulling pieces out and have hair flowing naturally is a lot simpler. Try to stay away from hair sprays and use texturizing products applied from the root upwards beforehand, to give that whimsical look. 



Hair colour that compliments these styles are soft blondes with beige and honey highlights. For those who have darker hair, adding a few lowlights changes how those loose curls will look and adds dimension and creates the illusion of texture to your hair. 

This year bridal hair trends are strongly leaning towards whimsical, romantic and natural styles, while adding glamour with accessories. All in all, brides are saying NO to tight curls and overly sprayed hair that could miraculously hold until after the honeymoon. 

Skincare Hacks and Tips

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We all want to prevent ageing, have glowing and flawless skin throughout the year. With these easy 8 skincare hacks and tips to add to your daily beauty routine, you will fall in love with your skin and your skin will love you.




We have heard this time and time again how important it is to apply eye cream daily. Add an eye cream or serum to an evening beauty routine. This will prevent collagen damage that causes premature ageing. Keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is delicate so use your ring finger to gently apply in a dabbing action around the eye. Your eyes will thank you in the morning. 


Apple cider vinegar is not just for the kitchen. Apply some apple cider on cotton wool and dabbed on dark spots. The apple cider vinegar will lighten the dark spots as well as killing off any bacteria that will cause acne. 


Yes, face yoga is a thing. Just as yoga is good blood circulation, smoothing your face with your fingers has proven to help with the ageing process. Gently rubbing your fingers on your face for about 20min a day will increase blood circulation on your facial area and as well leaving you to feel relaxed. 




We have heard this over and over again, but it is true. Your skin does need 8 hours of sleep to repair itself. This will prevent premature again and dark circles around the eye area. And who doesn’t like having peaceful nights rest? 


A little cold water never hurt anybody, right? Instead of washing your face with warm water, swop it with ice-cold water. This will not only wake you up and help you feel refreshed in the morning, but it also quickly reduces puffiness from sleeping, and it also tightens pores and calms inflammation on the skin. This is especially good to do in the summer with the hot summer nights approaching. 




 We have already said that face yoga is good for your face. And this easy yoga pose, the downward dog pose is great sending blood flowing towards your face. Just holding this pose for 5 minutes a day will definitely boost blood circulation towards your facial area, as well as leaving you with glowing skin. Perfect for that all year round glow we all want.


We can not stress this enough, use a moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen for days when it is cloudy, and add higher protection with your are out and about in the sun. sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays and slows down the ageing process.  


Pore strips are amazing for your skin, they clean deeply into the pores, especially if you have skin that is prone to blackheads. This a quick and easy recipe to make your own. All you will need is 1 tablespoon of unflavoured gelatin and 1and half – 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix the two ingredients quickly together, and pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Apply to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes, then gently peel it off. This will have a deep cleansing effect on your pores.


Looking after your skin is easy with these simple yet effective to prevent premature ageing and keep your skin glowing. Skin

Summer’s Must-Have Styles

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The sun is out and we have that extra spring in our step, this season makes us want a change in our hair, but stop before you head out to your stylist and chop off all your length. Here are a few styles to change your look for the summer. 


Need a change, but don’t want to regret it? Wispy bangs are in this summer. Full fringes that are in-between the curtain fringes, wispy fringes need to be cut just above the lashes and simple texturizing at the ends to give that wispy effect. This simple change in your style will draw attention to your eyes and leave you with a new look for a new season.




The choppy bob has been having a come back recently, but the rounded bob gives you the feel of being retro, this rounded bob also leaves you with a sophisticated look, one is thing is for sure if you are daring enough to change your summer look entirely, this cut is for you as it flatters just about every face shape.


Now, this style is ideal for those of us who ask for a change but at the same time say ‘I don’t want to lose my length.’ The collarbone lob hangs loosely, touching the collarbone. The edges need to be kept blunt, but layering is an option to add some body. This cut works for all lengths of hair and is flattering with any face shape. 


Wanting to keep your hair length and just want to update it for the summer. Keep your edges blunt and have the layering to the minimal, this will keep your hair looking healthier during summer. 


Don’t think just because you have curls that you can’t wear a fringe. Curly fringes are a hit this season. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe dry because we know curls can be unpredictable, so your stylist will be able to see exactly how your fringe falls naturally. 




This style gives you a real retro feel. Ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers with fewer layers cut towards the back. This cut is amazing your hair will appear thicker and healthier and with an added bonus, it is easy to manage and style. 



Beat the heat this summer with a low bun. No need for using your flat iron this season. Pull your hair in a sleek away from your neck. Giving you an office style that will beat the heat. 



Ever watch the movie the babysitter? This pony is having a come back after G.O.T just finished. It is simple to do. Starting with a high first section keep adding subsections and tying it with elastics all the way down your pony. This look will keep you cool in the heat of summer. 



This season is all about adding a little something different to your hair, especially if you are rocking the low bun, add hair bands to jazz up your look. 


With all these easy styles and cuts to try out this season, keeping you cool while the temperatures rise, you will be able to enjoy summer a little more this season.

How to make your mani last longer

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Having a manicure done is one of life’s small pleasures. We all love that feeling walking out of the salon admiring our newly manicured nails. But before we have reached home we have imagined our nails chipping before the first week is over. Here are a few tips on making that beautifully manicured nails last longer.

Decline The Hand Soak.

We know that feeling of finally sitting on that chair, having your hands soaked in warm water is just the beginning of the total relaxation process when having your manicure. But many nail experts advise against this. Having your nails soaked before-hand isn’t necessary, the water on the nails actually makes the nail bed expand which allows chipping more likely to happen. So skip the soak for a longer-lasting effect.

Wear Gloves.

Not many of us actually enjoy washing dishes, and we dislike it, even more, when we have just had our nails done, right? So wear gloves while washing dishes to prevent the nail bed from expanding and nail polish chipping and peeling off. Or use your newly painted nails as an excuse not to wash those dirty dishes!

Instant Hand Sanitizer is a no-no.

Instant hand sanitizers are great to carry around and convenient to use, but hand sanitizers tend to dry out nails and quickly fades the topcoat of the nails. Rather use a mild soap and luke-warm water when washing your hands, to keep that topcoat looking great for weeks.  



Natural Shape Filing.

Asking your nail technician to keep the shape of your nails so that it mirrors your cuticle shape this will dramatically decrease your chances of nails breaking.


Don’t think all nail technicians are just wanting you to spend more than you budgeted for when they insist you purchase a topcoat for at home care of your nails. Applying a clear topcoat every two to three days will enhance the shine as well as preventing chipping. Invest in the topcoat. 

Moisture Moisture Moisture.

The less moisture in the nails will cause nails to split and break. Keep applying nail oil to your cuticles and nails everyday to lock moisture in, this will keep nails in optimal condition.  

Hide the chipping.

Ok, so you have accidently chipped the tips of your nails, no need to freak out. Apply a super thin layer like a French tip to hide it. Now you have updated your look and fixed your chipping nails. 



Ombre reversing.

Grown out nails? Change your nail look by adding glitter to the base of your nails, creating a reverse glitter ombre` look to your nails, which will give you extra week before your next appointment with your nail technician.

With these few and easy life hacks, you will be able to keep your manicure looking brand new and stylish for weeks on end. 

Technology meets Beauty

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Sixty years ago, women all around the world have had the same beauty wants as women today, but sixty years ago the science and technology wasn’t advanced enough to make much of a difference. So when Loreal said the words: We don’t want to be the world’s no.1 for beauty products, we want to be the world’s no.1 for beauty technology, we all knew the beauty industry was changing. Who would have thought thirty years ago that computers would be involved in beautifying women? Here is how technology with the beauty industry is changing beauty trends. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

This may sound completely far fetched, but L’oreal’s subsidiary company, the well known, Lancome has come up with a custom-made foundation machine known as Le Teint. Le Teint particularly uses A.I. Lancome consultants use a handheld colorimeter (similar to a digital scanner) to determine your unique skin tone. This information is then processed by the computer using a proprietary algorithm, which chooses out of 20 000 different shades. Your unique shade is then sent through to the machine which then mixes your correct shade in the shop while you wait. Still sounding a little greek to you? Think of a hardware store, where they mix your correct paint shade and tone while you wait, just keep in mind that the skin is a lot more complex than paint and walls.

Virtual Apps

The online shopping trend is growing at a rapid pace which is why these ‘virtual artists’ are gaining popularity. Virtual artist Apps uses augmented reality (A.R) to enhance your experience. This App can quite easily measure your facial proportions in real-time and indicate to you where exactly to apply your cosmetics for optimal results. The added bonus to this trend is searching for a new lipstick shade has never been easier, there is no need to apply and then hope all the lipstick comes off before trying a different shade.



Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror was developed by Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group. It allows the computer to take a photograph of your face every time you log in and it will automatically scan it for wrinkles, red spots, and fine lines. Smart Mirror uses A.R and then advise you on skincare products to use. There are many skincare specialists that warn against using this App, as a photograph can not tell you about sensitivity and allergies towards certain product ranges. 

Printed Make-up

Ever thought of robots applying makeup? A number of gadgets have been developed over the last few years taking us a few steps closer to this becoming a reality. Last year at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas unveiled the Opte` wand make-up printer. This “magic” wand scans your skin and perfectly applies tiny amounts of make-up specifically to hide age spots, blood vessels, and other blemishes. The Elver prints make-up directly on your face. It works with a built-in camera that can take up to 200 frames per second with a microprocessor that analyses this data to distinguish between light and dark spots. The micro printer then applies the foundation to your face. Proctor and Gamble (P&G) hope to launch this “out of the world” product by 2020.  The precision of this product uses less foundation serum allowing consumers to end up spending less on their make-up bill in the future. 



In the ever-changing world that we are living in, these beauty tech trends aim to make purchasing cosmetics hassle-free and easy to use for consumers. Technology is changing the beauty industry at a rapid pace. 


Which mask you should wear…for your hair?

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When we think of DIY, many of us imagine it taking forever and being left disappointed with results. It just never seems to come out as we see it in magazines. But with these DIY hair masks that are quick and easy and most of the ingredients are sitting in your kitchen. Hair masks are like conditioners just a hundred times better. For optimal results, hair masks should be applied once a week, but who has time to go to the salon once a week, that is why these DIY masks are brilliant.

Hydrating Mask

This mask does exactly what it says. It hydrates the hair.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Lavender oil and a few drops of essential oils. This mask works well as an overnight mask, which is easy to rinse out the following morning.

How to: Mix ingredients together and apply to shampooed towel-dried hair. Relax and rinse out the following morning.

Tip: This mask can easily be made in large quantities and stored in an airtight jar or container and kept in the fridge for your weekly treatment. 

Split End Recovery Mask

This mask is best for all types of hair from fine hair to coarse hair.

Ingredients: Milk and Honey. The combination of milk and the honey restores and makes hair less brittle and less prone to split ends.

How to: Mix the honey and milk together and apply on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Leave the mask on your hair for 25 minutes, then rinse off and style as usual.

Tip: For coarser hair replace milk with fresh cream as it has more fat in it. For finner, hair use low-fat milk instead of full fat. 

Strawberry And Mayonnaise Mask

Dull and fly-away hair? This mask is loaded with Vitamin C, it nourishes and protects the cell membranes of your hair. The results will leave you with shiny, smooth and weightless hair.

How to: mix the crushed strawberries and mayonnaise together. Apply to shampooed towel-dried hair, cover your hair with cling film or shower cap. Allow the mask to rest for approximately 30min.

Tip: For finer hair add more strawberries than mayonnaise. For thicker and more coarse hair add more mayonnaise than strawberries.

Healthy Hair And Hair Growth

Need a little kick start to your hair growth? This mask is definitely for you, especially if you have some left-over pumpkin in the fridge.

How to: Mash the pumpkin and mix with some honey. Apply this mixture liberally on your hair and rub into your scalp. Allow this mask to rest on the hair for approximately 20 minutes.

Tip: Massaging this mask into the scalp longer promotes blood flow and hair growth. 

Repair Mask

This mask is ideal for a quick home remedy for damaged hair due to over-processing of chemicals.

How to: use an overripe banana blend it with some olive oil. Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Allow the mask to absorb on the hair for approximately 30 minutes.

Tip: For fine hair, use less olive oil and for coarser hair use more olive oil. 

With these time saving, natural hair masks you have more time to put your feet up enjoy that glass wine.

Beauty Hype: Flawless Self -Adjusting Foundation

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Finding the perfect foundation that matches our unique skin tones flawlessly is a bit like believing in unicorns. With hundreds of different brands, tones, and shades available it’s often a stressful experience to shop for the right one. And just once we believe we have found the ‘perfect’ foundation, the seasons change and… oops so has our skin tone! Self-adjusting foundations claim to meet every skin tone, simply and effectively. There are many questions regarding the self-adjusting foundation, how do I choose the perfect foundation? How does it work? And most important, is this just another marketing gimmick? 


The Theory

Knowing the struggle of finding the ‘perfect’ foundation is real. The theory behind developing a self-adjusting foundation is simple, applying foundation to the skin and it will change to any skin tone to hide blemishes and uneven skin tone.    



The Technology Behind The Theory

Self-adjusting foundations falls into two categories either, pH-reactive formulas or encapsulated colours. pH-reactive formulas are more chemical-based and work with the skins’ pH level. They react differently based on the acidity or alkaline level of the skin. Tones can change according to personal chemistry, which sounds amazing right? Maybe not so amazing, knowing that our PH levels can change with any amount of moisture in the air. Having said that, even the air can change the shade. The encapsulated colour formulas don’t work with the skins’ pH levels. They separate the colour pigments from an uncoloured pigment base eg. moisturizer. The colours that are encapsulated are coated with oil or gel which keeps colour suspended. That is why self-adjusting foundations appear a greyish or pale colour. Once the foundation is rubbed on to the skin, the colour pigments are broken and the colour is released. The more you rub, the more pigment is released attempting to match your skin tone.   



How To Choose

Self-adjusting foundations are generally available in three shades, light, medium and dark. Choosing the incorrect shade could leave you with the same problem as before. It is best to consult with beauty to consultants regarding which shade is best suited for your skin tone.                


Gimmick or Not?

The self-adjusting foundation promises to match every unique skin tone to give flawless coverage, but this, unfortunately, is not entirely the truth. Darker skin tones, as well as paler skin tones, makes it more difficult to match perfectly. The self-adjusting foundations do work well with medium skin tones. Giving you a single layer of coverage to even out skin tone.                                                                  

The debate will still rage on whether the self-adjusting foundation delivers as promised or not. But one thing is for sure with the rate that technology is developing it won’t be long before self-adjusting make-up is completely perfected to suit all skin tones ranging from pale to dark.

Blowouts: Brazilian vs Yuko

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The season of pushing that snooze button one to many times is here. Thermal hair straightening processes allow you those desperate extra minutes in the morning, as it keeps curly and unruly hair straight and manageable. There are two main permanent straightening processes, the most popular is the Brazilian blowout and the second is called, Yuko, also known as Japanese thermal blowout. Now the question is, what is the difference?   



Japanese thermal blowout (Yuko) Yuko was granted patent over a decade ago in 1995 in Japan. This thermal reconditioning process is more special than any other thermal reconditioning process because it uses the unique “Aqua Gold.” Aqua gold is the main ingredient in this process. It is a finished product that forms when water molecules combine with gold molecules in the liquid process causing the chemicals to react. When this happens it ensures that the solution penetrates every hair strand. The process involves washing hair and blow drying, then dividing hair into sections where the chemical solution is applied and allowed to rest for 30min-90min. Hair is rinsed and blow dried and finally flat ironed. This process can last up to five hours, depending on the thickness and length of hair. Japanese thermal reconditioning does not need any special shampoo for at home care. Hair is permanently straight, new growth hair will retain its natural texture.



The Brazilian blowout uses Keratin as the main ingredient, which is a protein found in hair and nails. It contains 2% Formaldehyde which prevents the hair from frizzing. Brazilian blowout processes are faster than other thermal reconditioning processes. The Keratin is infused into washed hair using a flat iron. The protein Keratin repairs any internal damage and replenishes it, by protecting the hair from any further damage caused by heat. The Brazilian blowout does not open and breaks hair cuticles as other processes do and can last up to four months. The process is a lot quicker than the Yuko process. Hair is shampooed with a Brazilian anti-residue professional shampoo. The Brazilian chemical treatment is applied to towel-dried hair section by section. The protective protein flattens the cuticle. Hair is then blow-dried straight with a paddle brush and flat ironed. When that is completed hair is rinsed (not shampooed) a Brazilian blowout masque is applied to seal the hair, once it is rinsed off a Brazilian blowout smoothing serum is applied to seal each hair strand. Finally, hair is then blow-dried straight. The entire process can last approximately 90 minutes. You will need special sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners for at home care.    

Speak to one of our hairstylists to help you choose which one of these is best suited for your specific needs. The Yuko and Brazilian have advantages to protect your hair, leaving you with sleek straight hair, allowing you to push that snooze button and have worry-free hair days. 

Winter Make-up Trends

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This winter beauty trends are taking it up a notch from summers pearly powders and illuminators to something with more glitter and colours. But don’t despair for all those minimalist fans out there. The perfect minimalist winter make- up regime is here too! 

Sparkle Stars

When everything is glittery nowadays – from purses to handbags to cellphone covers and nails, who said your make up shouldn’t also be?

Get this look: Never use the word sparingly when it comes to glitter, get as much glitter as you can on your brush and spread those sparkles generously over your lips, eyes or cheeks. With this look, it’s best to always remember the perfect balance is a must. It is always one or the other never the way whole face at once. The best tip for this look to give you the staying power you need is always apply a base make up before the glitter this will help not to spread the glitter to unwanted areas. And don’t forget a setting product afterwards. 

Go on and Sparkle!

Classic Beauty

So the glitz and glam might not be OK in the office, and you might prefer your make up regime to fit in with your minimalist lifestyle. This beauty trend come back is just for you!

Get this look: The focal point for the minimalist look is the lips. This classic look only needs is a translucent foundation, black mascara, black eyeliner and bold lipstick. Take special care on the lips. Use a sharpened lip liner pencil to outline the lips and use a brush a apply the lipstick from the middle of the lip to the corners. To create those perfect pouts proper care is needed. By exfoliating lips once a week with special skincare and a moisture-rich lip balm.

 A Classic style never goes out of style! 

Once Bitten Twice?

Shy, but you will never be shy with this “just-bitten” effect. These shimmering lips look will keep your lips looking healthy and lustrous

Get this look: This look is just about in the middle of the previous two. Using pastel colours on the lips such as a peach or rose. Colours which are softer. Try to avoid the sticky gloss. Lips should have a soft shade of colour with a little moisture. This look is easily upgraded from the office to the cocktail lounge by adding a defined cat eye and heavy mascara.  

Colour Pop

If you thought of leaving your acidic neon colours in summer, think again, this winter is about forgetting everything you know about matching colours. Don’t be afraid to mix those ultra-violet shades with passion pinks.

Get this look: Contrast, we are talking about pale and dark, warm and colours. Using ultraviolet colours on the eyes working your brush up with towards the brow with sunset oranges and reds. Even a contrast from eyes to lips will work this look. 

Winter white eyes 

The eyes are the window to our soul, during winter eyes can become looking tired, dull and in need of a pick me up. 

Get this look: To brighten those winter eyes try adding white on the lids of your eyes and adding black mascara to awaken those winter eyes. If adding white eye shadow to the lids of your eyes is too much for you, try adding a dab of white in the corner of your eyes. This will lighten, brighten and illuminate your eyes all the way through the cloudy winter days.


Winter 2019 has a look for everyone, from the colour crazy to the glitter queens as well the classic looks. It’s all in for this winter. With the temperatures dropping your winter make-up will be increasing temperatures around you. 



Fast Facts on Winter Hair

Category : Hair

Winter is Coming Here!

Fading fast is the long days of fun in the sun, not mention your summer tan. Your hair has been exposed to the sun,wind, seawater and pool chemicals. Even that refreshing sea air has left your hair dried out. Those sexy beachy curls aren’t that beachy anymore. With winter fast approaching your hair might signalling an SOS.

Dull Hair

During the months of winter with much less exposure to the sun hair generally becomes dull, which let’s face it if your hair is looking dull, is going to filter down to your face. Investing in a good Moisture lock shampoo and hydrating conditioner will keep that shine in your hair and make you feel like you are walking on sunshine all your way through this winter.

Static Hair 

Yes! Static hair can become one of those early mornings groans. Winter months have much less of the humidity than in the summer. Which causes patrons, neutrons, and electrons to move around in the air causing a lot of static electricity. Especially with those lovely woolly warmers. Avoid this by using natural brushes and combs, stay away from the plastic. Use a hair serum or leave in products. Using an ionic hair dryer can work wonders to tame those literally static flyaways. 

Split Ends

With the lack of moisture in the air, hair becomes brittle causing split ends galore! It is easy to protect your hair from the split end season. 

  • Use a wide tooth comb post shampooing your hair as well as after. 

  • Have a good leave-in conditioner that also has heat protection for blow drying. 

  • Get your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of those nasty split ends. (make an appointment: 021 9794292) 

But we know some days are just impossible to get to your stylist in time. So here we have a home remedy for a quick fix until you can get to the salon. 

This will smooth out those split ends. 

Mix together: 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp of honey. Once mixed well apply to towel dried hair and cover with a shower cap or cling film. Let the magic happen for approximately 30 min. Shampoo as normal. The emollient properties will seal those split ends for a few days. 

Matting hair

We know the feeling, winter creeps up on us quickly and out come those coats, scarves, and beanies. By the end of the day, the hair in the nape of our necks are left so matted we could call them dreadlocks! How to avoid this painful problem is simple. With braids being very mod, braid your hair and turn it into a braided bun or side braid. But if you really need to wear your hair loose take a section of your hair from behind your ear towards the nape of your neck and tie a low pony and leave the rest of the hair falling over it. No one will be able to see it and you are left with matted free hair! 

 With these easy tips to tame the winter hair blues, you will be able to flaunt those golden locks or sleek brunettes all your way into Spring!