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Surviving Summer Hair

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We all want that perfect summer, beach hair that looks sassy, but in reality, our hair takes a beating during the heat of summer. We all love the long hot days but most of us despise what the high humidity can do to our hair, even straight hair tends to go fizzy during the heat of the day. Here are a few tips and guidelines to survive this summer.

Leave-In Conditioners 

Give them a try this summer. Leave-in conditioners are mostly water-based so they won’t weigh your hair down or leave your hair feeling greasy by midday. Not many of us know this but leave-in conditioners are packed with ceramides that help repair damaged hair. Leave-in conditioners work well with chemically treated hair and help control frizz caused by the humidity in the air. So you will be able to enjoy the sun while taking care of your hair.

Argan Oil 

Spending the day at the beach? Add some Argan Oil to your towel-dried hair and tie it up and tucking it under a hat for the day. Argan oils naturally moisturize your hair and tame the frizz. Leaving your hair in better condition for the next day.

Deep Clean 

Love the beach but hate the sand? You are not alone. Use a more concentrated shampoo after spending the day at the beach to deep clean your hair and scalp from the sand and salty seawater. Keep in mind after a deep cleansing shampoo you will moisture lock conditioner to put back the loss of moisture. 

Colour Down

Some of us have the theory of changing our hair colour to warmer and darker in the winter and we tend to go lighter for the summer months, but colour experts advise to avoid over lightening and bleaching during summer months. The sun naturally lightens hair and could cause damage to already lightened hair. Colour experts recommend to colour down your hair during summer, allowing the sun to naturally lighten hair adding those sun-kissed highlights.

SPF Your Hair 

While we all should protect our skin from the sun, and especially during the summer, investing in SPF hair products are just as important to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun on your hair and scalp. 

Wash Less

With all the damaging effects that come along with long hot days, consider washing your hair less and allowing your natural hair oils to penetrate into the hair shaft, lessening the damage. Hair usually dries out and becomes more brittle from the sun. Natural hair oils are important for healthy hair and keeping your hair naturally shiny all through this summer. 


Bring on summer and flaunt that gorgeous beachy hair, while protecting your hair from the damaging effects of the long days. By adding these simple tips to your hair routine you will have one less thing to worry about as the crazy season approaches.  ‘Improve your summer selfies, have great hair’ 


It’s in the Brows

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We have all heard the saying, the brows frame the face, but the question is, are you wearing the right frame for your face? And how do you find the perfect brow shape for your face shape? 

Finding your face shape 

First things first, you need to find out which face shape you have, this is an easy and simple way to find it out.

Step 1: take a ruler and measure the length of your face.

Step 2: divide that number by 3

Step 3: measure from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

If the last number is larger than the first number then chances are you will have a long face shape. If the last number is smaller than the first number, chances are that you have a round face shape. If the last number is the same as the first number, chances are you have a oval face shape. Once you have found your face shape now it is easy to find your perfect brow shape. 

Round Face Shape 

Needs softer and slightly curved adding height at the arch and length on the tail of the brows creates the illusion of a longer face. Keep away from rounded brows will make the face appear rounder. 

Heart Face Shape

This is not a common face shape, it is wider at the temples and highly angular. This face shape needs softer brows that are shorter and closer together to emphasize attention to the middle of your face. Rounded brows will give to much emphasis to the lines of the heart shape. 

Square Face Shape 

You will need to keep them angular and not contradict the natural face shape. Try to lift the arch and lengthen the tail elongate the face. Keep away from the rounded brow because it will not flatter your features. And a flat brow will make face appear more square. 

Oblong Face Shape

You will want to create the illusion of a wider forehead, to create this you will need to keep the width between the brows further apart and add length on the tail to give the illusion of a more oval shape. 

Pear/Triangle Face Shape

For this shaped face you will need to keep the brows longer and higher arched give the illusion of a narrower lower half of the face. 

Oval Face Shape

If you are lucky enough to have this face shape, you are able to wear most brow shapes, keeping them soft to reflect your features and try to keep away from shaping them to angular. 

After finding your perfect brow shape your face will be perfectly framed to emphasize your best features creating the illusion of a perfectly groomed face. When our face is well framed with our brows minimal make-up is needed is to attract attention to flatter you. Keep your brows on flick.

Bridal Styles

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Your big day is fast approaching and you still have no idea what to do with your hair. But one thing is for sure that just about every bride wants to feel like a princess, even if it is just for a day. Gone are the days of tight curls and million grips. Bridal styles have taken a step back from the traditional ‘nothing is ruining my hairstyle’ and embracing natural flowing styles which look amazing. 


The low bun is still one of the most popular traditional bridal styles, this season the traditional bun is taking a slight revamp. Instead of a tight low bun, try a looser and messier bun with soft curls that looked like they had accidentally fallen out, but are perfectly placed to give a more romantic look. Adding accessories to this classic will really add to make you feel like a princess. 




Over the past few years, we have seen brides leaning towards more natural styles for their big day. This style is perfect for that beautiful beach wedding you are planning. Soft waves and tousled hair is perfect. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, ask your stylist to add a few extensions to give more grip, especially for Cape Town’s wind. 


Wearing a high or low ponytail is daring for your wedding day, but it will give you that sophisticated look. I think it is safe to say we have Ariana Grande to thank for this style. Having a sleek pony will definitely emphasize your make-up. This look works perfectly, you won’t have to stress about growing your hair because you can add any length of the extension to get your desired length and thickness of the pony.



You can add a single braid or a few braids to just about any style to give it that modern and romantic feel. A loose braid on one side or even adding a few braids to your messy bun will look great. 


This style is amazing for that picture-perfect forest wedding. Loose curls dangling softly to frame your face and hanging loosely at the back looks great. This style is gaining popularity because it is simple and perfect for any weather conditions.


This style is leaning away from the traditional tight curls and slicked hair away from the face bridal styles. This is much less painful using much fewer grips. Gently pulling pieces out and have hair flowing naturally is a lot simpler. Try to stay away from hair sprays and use texturizing products applied from the root upwards beforehand, to give that whimsical look. 



Hair colour that compliments these styles are soft blondes with beige and honey highlights. For those who have darker hair, adding a few lowlights changes how those loose curls will look and adds dimension and creates the illusion of texture to your hair. 

This year bridal hair trends are strongly leaning towards whimsical, romantic and natural styles, while adding glamour with accessories. All in all, brides are saying NO to tight curls and overly sprayed hair that could miraculously hold until after the honeymoon. 

Skincare Hacks and Tips

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We all want to prevent ageing, have glowing and flawless skin throughout the year. With these easy 8 skincare hacks and tips to add to your daily beauty routine, you will fall in love with your skin and your skin will love you.




We have heard this time and time again how important it is to apply eye cream daily. Add an eye cream or serum to an evening beauty routine. This will prevent collagen damage that causes premature ageing. Keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is delicate so use your ring finger to gently apply in a dabbing action around the eye. Your eyes will thank you in the morning. 


Apple cider vinegar is not just for the kitchen. Apply some apple cider on cotton wool and dabbed on dark spots. The apple cider vinegar will lighten the dark spots as well as killing off any bacteria that will cause acne. 


Yes, face yoga is a thing. Just as yoga is good blood circulation, smoothing your face with your fingers has proven to help with the ageing process. Gently rubbing your fingers on your face for about 20min a day will increase blood circulation on your facial area and as well leaving you to feel relaxed. 




We have heard this over and over again, but it is true. Your skin does need 8 hours of sleep to repair itself. This will prevent premature again and dark circles around the eye area. And who doesn’t like having peaceful nights rest? 


A little cold water never hurt anybody, right? Instead of washing your face with warm water, swop it with ice-cold water. This will not only wake you up and help you feel refreshed in the morning, but it also quickly reduces puffiness from sleeping, and it also tightens pores and calms inflammation on the skin. This is especially good to do in the summer with the hot summer nights approaching. 




 We have already said that face yoga is good for your face. And this easy yoga pose, the downward dog pose is great sending blood flowing towards your face. Just holding this pose for 5 minutes a day will definitely boost blood circulation towards your facial area, as well as leaving you with glowing skin. Perfect for that all year round glow we all want.


We can not stress this enough, use a moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen for days when it is cloudy, and add higher protection with your are out and about in the sun. sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays and slows down the ageing process.  


Pore strips are amazing for your skin, they clean deeply into the pores, especially if you have skin that is prone to blackheads. This a quick and easy recipe to make your own. All you will need is 1 tablespoon of unflavoured gelatin and 1and half – 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix the two ingredients quickly together, and pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Apply to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes, then gently peel it off. This will have a deep cleansing effect on your pores.


Looking after your skin is easy with these simple yet effective to prevent premature ageing and keep your skin glowing. Skin

Summer’s Must-Have Styles

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The sun is out and we have that extra spring in our step, this season makes us want a change in our hair, but stop before you head out to your stylist and chop off all your length. Here are a few styles to change your look for the summer. 


Need a change, but don’t want to regret it? Wispy bangs are in this summer. Full fringes that are in-between the curtain fringes, wispy fringes need to be cut just above the lashes and simple texturizing at the ends to give that wispy effect. This simple change in your style will draw attention to your eyes and leave you with a new look for a new season.




The choppy bob has been having a come back recently, but the rounded bob gives you the feel of being retro, this rounded bob also leaves you with a sophisticated look, one is thing is for sure if you are daring enough to change your summer look entirely, this cut is for you as it flatters just about every face shape.


Now, this style is ideal for those of us who ask for a change but at the same time say ‘I don’t want to lose my length.’ The collarbone lob hangs loosely, touching the collarbone. The edges need to be kept blunt, but layering is an option to add some body. This cut works for all lengths of hair and is flattering with any face shape. 


Wanting to keep your hair length and just want to update it for the summer. Keep your edges blunt and have the layering to the minimal, this will keep your hair looking healthier during summer. 


Don’t think just because you have curls that you can’t wear a fringe. Curly fringes are a hit this season. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe dry because we know curls can be unpredictable, so your stylist will be able to see exactly how your fringe falls naturally. 




This style gives you a real retro feel. Ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers with fewer layers cut towards the back. This cut is amazing your hair will appear thicker and healthier and with an added bonus, it is easy to manage and style. 



Beat the heat this summer with a low bun. No need for using your flat iron this season. Pull your hair in a sleek away from your neck. Giving you an office style that will beat the heat. 



Ever watch the movie the babysitter? This pony is having a come back after G.O.T just finished. It is simple to do. Starting with a high first section keep adding subsections and tying it with elastics all the way down your pony. This look will keep you cool in the heat of summer. 



This season is all about adding a little something different to your hair, especially if you are rocking the low bun, add hair bands to jazz up your look. 


With all these easy styles and cuts to try out this season, keeping you cool while the temperatures rise, you will be able to enjoy summer a little more this season.

How to make your mani last longer

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Having a manicure done is one of life’s small pleasures. We all love that feeling walking out of the salon admiring our newly manicured nails. But before we have reached home we have imagined our nails chipping before the first week is over. Here are a few tips on making that beautifully manicured nails last longer.

Decline The Hand Soak.

We know that feeling of finally sitting on that chair, having your hands soaked in warm water is just the beginning of the total relaxation process when having your manicure. But many nail experts advise against this. Having your nails soaked before-hand isn’t necessary, the water on the nails actually makes the nail bed expand which allows chipping more likely to happen. So skip the soak for a longer-lasting effect.

Wear Gloves.

Not many of us actually enjoy washing dishes, and we dislike it, even more, when we have just had our nails done, right? So wear gloves while washing dishes to prevent the nail bed from expanding and nail polish chipping and peeling off. Or use your newly painted nails as an excuse not to wash those dirty dishes!

Instant Hand Sanitizer is a no-no.

Instant hand sanitizers are great to carry around and convenient to use, but hand sanitizers tend to dry out nails and quickly fades the topcoat of the nails. Rather use a mild soap and luke-warm water when washing your hands, to keep that topcoat looking great for weeks.  



Natural Shape Filing.

Asking your nail technician to keep the shape of your nails so that it mirrors your cuticle shape this will dramatically decrease your chances of nails breaking.


Don’t think all nail technicians are just wanting you to spend more than you budgeted for when they insist you purchase a topcoat for at home care of your nails. Applying a clear topcoat every two to three days will enhance the shine as well as preventing chipping. Invest in the topcoat. 

Moisture Moisture Moisture.

The less moisture in the nails will cause nails to split and break. Keep applying nail oil to your cuticles and nails everyday to lock moisture in, this will keep nails in optimal condition.  

Hide the chipping.

Ok, so you have accidently chipped the tips of your nails, no need to freak out. Apply a super thin layer like a French tip to hide it. Now you have updated your look and fixed your chipping nails. 



Ombre reversing.

Grown out nails? Change your nail look by adding glitter to the base of your nails, creating a reverse glitter ombre` look to your nails, which will give you extra week before your next appointment with your nail technician.

With these few and easy life hacks, you will be able to keep your manicure looking brand new and stylish for weeks on end. 

Technology meets Beauty

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Sixty years ago, women all around the world have had the same beauty wants as women today, but sixty years ago the science and technology wasn’t advanced enough to make much of a difference. So when Loreal said the words: We don’t want to be the world’s no.1 for beauty products, we want to be the world’s no.1 for beauty technology, we all knew the beauty industry was changing. Who would have thought thirty years ago that computers would be involved in beautifying women? Here is how technology with the beauty industry is changing beauty trends. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

This may sound completely far fetched, but L’oreal’s subsidiary company, the well known, Lancome has come up with a custom-made foundation machine known as Le Teint. Le Teint particularly uses A.I. Lancome consultants use a handheld colorimeter (similar to a digital scanner) to determine your unique skin tone. This information is then processed by the computer using a proprietary algorithm, which chooses out of 20 000 different shades. Your unique shade is then sent through to the machine which then mixes your correct shade in the shop while you wait. Still sounding a little greek to you? Think of a hardware store, where they mix your correct paint shade and tone while you wait, just keep in mind that the skin is a lot more complex than paint and walls.

Virtual Apps

The online shopping trend is growing at a rapid pace which is why these ‘virtual artists’ are gaining popularity. Virtual artist Apps uses augmented reality (A.R) to enhance your experience. This App can quite easily measure your facial proportions in real-time and indicate to you where exactly to apply your cosmetics for optimal results. The added bonus to this trend is searching for a new lipstick shade has never been easier, there is no need to apply and then hope all the lipstick comes off before trying a different shade.



Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror was developed by Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group. It allows the computer to take a photograph of your face every time you log in and it will automatically scan it for wrinkles, red spots, and fine lines. Smart Mirror uses A.R and then advise you on skincare products to use. There are many skincare specialists that warn against using this App, as a photograph can not tell you about sensitivity and allergies towards certain product ranges. 

Printed Make-up

Ever thought of robots applying makeup? A number of gadgets have been developed over the last few years taking us a few steps closer to this becoming a reality. Last year at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas unveiled the Opte` wand make-up printer. This “magic” wand scans your skin and perfectly applies tiny amounts of make-up specifically to hide age spots, blood vessels, and other blemishes. The Elver prints make-up directly on your face. It works with a built-in camera that can take up to 200 frames per second with a microprocessor that analyses this data to distinguish between light and dark spots. The micro printer then applies the foundation to your face. Proctor and Gamble (P&G) hope to launch this “out of the world” product by 2020.  The precision of this product uses less foundation serum allowing consumers to end up spending less on their make-up bill in the future. 



In the ever-changing world that we are living in, these beauty tech trends aim to make purchasing cosmetics hassle-free and easy to use for consumers. Technology is changing the beauty industry at a rapid pace. 


50 is the New 40

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How to look as young as you feel

You can look and feel good, whatever age you are. Reaching 50 years old should be a celebration and a time to change your look. This is not a time to give in to ‘old age’, it is a new era of discovery and adventure.

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind…” Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Today, people live longer and many appear younger than before, thanks to science and other healthy living practices. So, should you completely switch your wardrobe to fit your age? Dressing as you did before may not be the best way to accentuate your best qualities, but celebrate who you have become by making a few fresh changes. Just like red wine, you only get better the older you become.

Here are some ideas you can use to change your look for your age


Exercise along with good nutrition is the basis of living a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine going, it may be time to start. It’s never too late to make good choices, make sure to include a little cardiovascular as well as strength exercises.

By implementing a healthy lifestyle you will definitely see results in the way you look and feel. Besides improving circulation amongst others benefits, you will also be helping to reduce stress. Even losing a few kilograms can help you look younger. Begin the process of change on a solid foundation and everything else is just icing on the top.

Teeth Whitening

Every year there are thousands of people who get dental procedures to help them look and feel good. Having the confidence to smile, means a lot to many people. Due to smoking or drinking lots of coffee, amongst other things, teeth can become discoloured.  Whitening the teeth can actually make you look younger. Just make sure to have it done by a professional or use more natural products.

Eyebrow shape

I don’t think anybody appreciates how much your eyebrows accentuate your face. As you reach 50, you may find that you have fewer eyebrows than you used to. Many tend to over pluck, eventually leaving almost nothing behind. A simple trick is to apply castor oil to the eyebrow area every night. You can also highlight the area using an eyebrow brush and some make-up, this helps to make the eyebrows appear thicker.

Facial Glow

You should already have a facial routine in place, with a good moisturiser, which should be helping to keep those wrinkles and blemishes down to a minimum. Another technique you can use, to give yourself a healthy glow, is to use a bronzer. The trick is to use a bronzer very sparingly and to choose one that is two shades darker than your own skin tone. There are many brands out there to choose from, you will have to find one that works for you.

Hairstyles for 50 years and over

There are many stylish and sophisticated hairstyles for women who are 50 and older. Long, short, highlights, full colour, there is something for you. Your hairstyle plays a big role in portraying your image and you want to pick something that suits you the best.

Have a look at some great hairstyle ideas for women over 50. There is sure to be something that is elegant yet modern, just for you.

Keep in Style – Clothes

Here are some tips to keep in style at 50:

  • Try to go for more neutral colours, black can be a bit harsh on the complexion if you are older.
  • Undergarments, never underestimate their power to make you feel fabulous. The correct fitting bra is important to provide the correct support.
  • Have some classic clothing items, always great to mix and match. An elegant white shirt or two or three, some neutral colour t-shirts, black dress, a pair of black pants and of course you are never too old for a great pair of denim jeans.
  • Don’t be afraid to add in a pop of colour here and there.

Let us help you look and feel your best! Call 021 979 4292

Latest Hair Styling Must-Haves

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Trends, styles and fashion are constantly changing and that includes the world of technology. There is a new and better gadget being developed for almost anything every day. From your cell phone to your toaster and yes, hair styling gadgets.  So, where do you look to find out about the latest hair styling gadgets? You could look at a few professional websites, but where do most people in the world do their shopping? Amazon of course, here you will be able to find the best hair tools as well as the latest hair styling gadgets.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Looking for a great hairdryer, this Revlon Hair Dryer can help style your hair to perfection. Here are some benefits the Dryer has on offer:

  • The Dryer uses infrared heat, which helps make your hair soft.
  • The Infrared Heat is also much more gentle on the hair
  • This means less frizz and more shine
  • Provides great styling for your hair with different settings as well as attachments

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Do you want your hair to have that fabulous beach wavy look, well then this neat gadget will do the trick. When using the Deep Waver, gather a small section of your hair and insert into the Waver. Make sure to start at the roots of your hair, clamp down and hold for a few seconds, move down the section of hair.

Benefits of the Deep Waver

  • Has a deep barrel design, which makes great waves
  • Contains Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Helps prevent frizz and gives a wonderful shine to the hair
  • You can style smaller beach wavy hair to larger sections for a more sculpted look.
  • Locks in the wavy style quickly

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler

Looking for volume and shine, then the One-Step Dryer is a good choice. This gadget offers both at the same time. This hair styling gadget can be found on Amazon, but also locally at stores like Clicks.

Some of the benefits for the One-Step Dryer

  • Provides nice smooth hair with less annoying frizz
  • Results are fast and easy, de-tangles and smooths hair
  • Contains Ionic Technology, which also helps with frizz and produces shine
  • The gadget helps dry the hair faster and therefore you have less heat damage

Remington Flat Iron

The Remington Flat Iron is the best at reducing the amount of frizz and flyaways and helps to perfectly style your hair. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the Remington Flat Iron.

  • The gadget creates 50% less static and flyaway hair with its Anti-static technology
  • The Flat Iron is great straightening hair as well as curling
  • It heats up quickly and provides a nice smooth motion
  • LCD screen with a digital display for easy use

Now let’s have a look at some gadgets from a trusted and professional Website, GHD Hair.

GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand

This styling gadget is shaped just right giving you those deeper waves. Creating attractive movement and a glamorous look for long hair. You can read up on how to use the Wave Wand as well as get some styling tips at the GHD Hair Website.

Here are a few benefits for the Classic Wave Wand

  • Has patented technology, which provides perfect temperature and even heat
  • The gadget has a ceramic coating that provides a smooth finish
  • They provide a 2-year guarantee

GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

This brush is great for styling and drying of shorter hairstyles. Some of the great benefits include:

  • Barrel size of the brush is small and is therefore great to use on shorter hair.
  • The gadget retains its heat and makes drying time much shorter
  • Provides a handle that is non-slip and comfortable to handle
  • The brush does not pull and slides through the hair smoothly

But if you’re more inclined to leave your styling to the Pro’s – contact us for an appointment! Contact.

Hair Apps you simply must have

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I’m sure at one point in your life; you have gone to the hairdresser and told them to style your hair just like it is in the picture you show them. You then, for the next few weeks, have to come up with creative ideas and hats to cover up your hair catastrophe. Although you may be the adventurous type, some ‘adventures’ are best left unexplored.


“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” Jim Morrison


Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but it would be nice if you could get a glimpse of what you might look like with a new haircut, highlights or full hair colour before you take the plunge? Today there are so many different Apps available for a variety of things; it was eventually bound to happen. The creation of Hair apps! Using these apps you will get to see what you would look like if you were to colour your hair. You can also choose from thousands of hairstyles, to see which one would suit you the most.

Here are some Hair Apps you might like

Many of the apps are available on Google Play as well as iTunes.

Celebrity Hairstyle salon

Do you want to see what you would look like in the latest celebrity hairstyle? With InStyle you can now try out the trendiest celebrity hairstyles in the comfort of your own home. With this App, you just add an image of yourself and then combine it with a celebrity you think matches the shape of your face. There are quite a few different styles to choose from and new ones are continuously being added.


The Modiface Celebrity Hairstyle Salon is another App available on Google Play, which allows you to try on different hairstyles. Just include a photo of yourself and have fun. The app also lets you try out various hair colours. It also includes various accessories you can add, such as sunglasses, jewellery, and hats amongst other items. After you have completed your own makeover, you can share it with your friends on Facebook.

Tress App

This App is great for those who have textured hair. The Tress App provides a platform for women from the black community, where you can discover new hairstyles. Not only that, but you can also get information about each hairstyle, and share your wonderful hairstyles with each other. You can also become part of the Tress community where you can comment and connect with others.

Style My Hair

The Style My Hair App is a basic programme from Loreal Professionel, where you can try different hair colours and hair styles. You can add your own image; just make sure to have a photo with your hair tied back. They also provide models you can use to test out the different styles. This programme can easily be used on your PC or laptop without having to download or register for anything.

Hair Colour Booth

Hair Colour Booth offers you the opportunity to see what you would look like with hair colours that are not on the natural side. Think blue streaks, pink and green.


This Makeover App has features for both men and women. You can also choose a variety of hair styles and colours. The App is easy to use and you can save the photo and take it with you to your hair stylist. The finished image can also be shared on all the social media platforms.

Hair Zap

Use the Hair Zap App with your own face and new hairstyles. All you have to do is take a selfie with your hair away from your face and have fun trying out the different hairstyles. The App is free to use with no subscriptions.

The Matrix Professional App

The Matrix App gives you access to their virtual makeover tool and other features you can explore. Just download the app from the Google Play Store and register for an account.


Explore the different Apps available, find the one you like and have fun with giving yourself a new look.